Good Boy: No Love for Back Home Review

Another review from Cool Try today as I’m trying to untangle a mess of a review I’ve written for Culture Eater.

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Anyway, here’s a review I wrote for Good Boy’s No Love for Back Home.

Other than a vague idea of one of the songs, I had to have a quick listen back just now in order to remember how it sounded.

This review is a bit smoother than the last few Cool Try ones I’ve shared.
Not much else to say outside of that.

I hope you enjoy.

I still remember the first time I heard Good Boy.
It was a Saturday.
I was sitting at my desk, getting ready to review their debut EP, No Love for Back Home.
When I hit play, I didn’t know what to expect.
This may have had to do with not hearing them before that moment.
Anyway, here’s the review.

The songs range from light and airy to lush and a little less light.
Some of the songs are relaxed in their sound, whilst some are more up-tempo.
Whilst there are points where (to an extent) this can clash, it’s mostly not an issue.

They’re driven along by a balanced mix of sparse and full, well-defined instrumentation.
Distortion is seldom used and kept brief when it does, preventing it from being a distraction.
Due to these, the songs have a lot of breathing space and they are better off for it.

The vocals are generally pretty strong. However, there are times when they can feel at odds with the songs, almost as though the vocalist was unsure of what to do.
Some of the lyrics stand out as showing promise whilst others fall flat.
This may have more to do with delivery than anything else though.

Good Boy are a band that sound like they’re trying to find where they fit.
There are times when everything on No Love for Back Home clicks and there are times when it sounds confused.
However, if they keep working on amalgamating the ideas they have, then it won’t be long before they release something stronger.
With that being said, No Love for Back Home is overall a decent collection of fun, enjoyable songs and worth giving a go.

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