Five-Hundred Word Challenge 526: Back to Earth

Looking out, looking over the perceived infinite distance and the racer goes off on their own adventure, toward the earth, hurtling as though they hadn’t ever moved before in their life and then suddenly were jolted into a form of being aware of their very pwn physicality.

And of course the heat was getting to them, but after the panic had gone, they were aware of how little they could alter their own situation and thus tried to at the very least accept that this was something that they could do nothing about and thus let themselves find some sort of peace.

It was all vast and infinite in front of them and they approached the earth quite quickly, but at the same time it seemed so slow.

The earth was massive. It was easy to perceive as such on the ground, but from all the way up there, beyond the atmosphere, it was so much easier to understand and realise. As such, it was awe-inspiring.

There was still plenty of oxygen to carry them for a while, but there was every chance that they were going to run out before the oxygen did. The heat built up around them and they began to feel as though they were being seared. The pain was creeping in but they still admired the view ahead and it seemed that, in some form, the pain was something that was feeling more like a sharp, pointed memory more than it was something that was present.

There were so many what ifs and whys and hows, but they were all now irrelevant. Other people would have to deal with those now. It was no longer their business, for they had now been freed from all forms of responsibility that would extend beyond this moment in time.

They no longer had to worry. Still, it was difficult to remain calm. The stress and the sheer terror of the situation had sunk in not with a slow approach, but with what felt like a sudden action.

At least, it was difficult initially.

The pain became something less indistinct and slowly reached out to become something so much more. It began to tear and pull at their being as the heat kept a steady increase. Yet they still held on, somehow. It brought them back to being within themselves and took them out of what they were trying to battle, and as such the terror slowly melted away the farther they moved toward the blue planet.

Massive continents only partially visible from where they were. They fell farther and farther, no control over what they could do. Space was massive and infinite, and as they seemed to dissipate and disintegrate they became awash with feelings of wonder and amazement.

Further and further their descent continued and more and more they seemed aflame, but none of it mattered.

To them, they could see something more massive than themselves.

The view for them was vast and wonderful. It was beautiful.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:47:83

Kind of slow.

I think that, had I not limited myself to five-hundred words I could have made this something a bit better. I feel like I rushed toward the end.

Written at UNSW.


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