One Thousand Word Challenge 28: Suburban Days 3

And out through the entrance he exited and into the sun, the dry heat and the burning concrete.

From outside the cool sarcophagus of a shopping centre he exited and into the world. The journey home would be tough. His eyes a little more awake but still bleary, and his feet unsteady on familiar ground.

Still, it was cheaper than a cab and who knows as to how long he would be waiting in the sun for one to arrive? It was a quiet day and there was little hope for a chariot to ferry him back to the safety of his residence. To the safety of his melting, sweating walls in the oven of a living room. To the safety of the four walls that made up his bedroom which handled the heat better than it should.

Warmer than earlier it had become. It was a dry sun and it was drying the world and embodiment of reality around him. His lips grew parched not long after his timely exit, but he had to push on through. The ground hot, scorching his steps, the rough and smooth being felt tenfold. This was not a pleasant walk, but it was a walk that needed to be done. It was a walk that needed to be completed. There was shopping to bring on home.

Not long had it been since our protagonist had been inside. Sure, he was not entirely functional in the nice cool air-conditioned building, but comparatively he had been gliding. This was something else. This was like grappling with a wild, chaotic beast that was amorphous as much as it was distinctly shaped. Still, even in trying times one must push on where they can and there was stuff that needed a fridge more than he.

And so he pushed on, along a street, up a hill, down the other side and into a section of brief shade. The sun hung in the air high on this morning, but this was a spot where, try as it might, it would not reach. The air was warm, but this was something that could at least be treasured, even if it was only for a maximum of a few minutes based on the pace of walking.

Still, the ground would not relent and its heat carried on through. Deeper and deeper uneven parts of path seemed to dig into his feet. Deeper and deeper, yet push on he still had to. Not enough sleep, too much drink, too dry and suddenly the world was something that was perceived in a fashion that could only be described as more real than real.

Soon that shade would end and once more the sun, with its nigh-inescapable heat would be bearing down once more on their being, on their very person and that would once more prove that the trial is yet to end, for no brief respite could truly lead to the task at hand disappearing.

There were cold items that desperately needed refrigeration that were holding up much better than the person transporting them. Why, oh why did a day like this have to be the day in which the shopping needed to be done?

Did it even need to be done on a day like this? It was hard to tell. There was a need to buy food; that much was true. There was also a need to eat and a need to distract from all the thoughts swirling around in their head. there was a need to get away and do other things that needed to be done. There was a need to eat, but junk food would not suffice in this situation. Something healthier would definitely help. Water would definitely help.

How many times had this trip been made on hot days? Plenty of times. However, it never had felt as hot as it did in this instance. To feel things so much more keenly was something that he had never experienced prior. Or may be he had, but had not been as aware at the time. It was hard to tell.

Moving his legs in order to move his feet forward was growing more arduous and painful with each step. An expected numbness was kicking in, but pain was still very much the strongest sensation and despite losing the sensation of touch in his feet and each object beginning to feel more like an impression rather than something distinct, the pain Was there. It refused to relent and the combination formed something that was truly unique. Well, it was unique entirely to him in that moment, for ti was one that had been experienced before.

It was not quite the sudden jolt that brings one into being present in a room or situation, but it was enough to keep one firmly rooted into being very aware of their situation and surroundings.

Their feet burned as their skin cried and they moved as quickly as they could. It was a long stretch ahead to Parramatta Road. It was a long walk, but the sooner the end was reached, the better that this would all be.

Pushing forward, feeling their body grow weak and dry, their very being being punished for even daring to go outside. Why did a day like this have to follow a night like no other? Even though it was a night like many before, but it still was its own thing.

Pushing ever forward and the lights were reached just as pedestrians were given the right to cross. More shade across the road.

There was little to worry about at this point and so he seemed to glide with a grace that had not been used in a long time.

Into home he almost flew. He put stuff away as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the task was complete, in his fatigued state, he stumbled to his bedroom, sat on his bed, put on his shoes and slipped into a deep, heavy sleep.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:22:89

A continuation of this.
Part 1 is here.

I’ve been meaning to write this part for a while and, well, things got in the way. Kind of.

I don’t think it came out as much as I had hoped. I know that I had planned for the last paragraph to come out in a certain way, but coming as the third part… not sure if it works as well.

I guess at this point I should begin developing the Suburban Daysiverse into something far more complete.

I’m happy with the speed, but I think that I meandered a little too much.

Written at work.

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