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City and Colour: If I Should go Before You

Another Cool Try review. Not sure about how I feel this one. I think I was finding how I write reviews, but I don’t feel that the review says enough. Oh well. I’ve made two edits for sharing here: One involved … Continue reading

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Senyawa: Sujud Review

This Review can also be found on Culture Eater. My colleague and I are working on growing Culture Eater, so please check it out and see what other people are contributing. Anyway, here’s the review. —– Senyawa have been around for a … Continue reading

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Top of the Tree Once More

This is almost the same photo as this one. However, with a different camera and a better idea of how to process photos. Also, a different angle for a different perspective. I like the original, but I think I like … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 507: The Sun Seems Ready

I look out the window and watch as the sun seems ready to swallow the entirety of the landscape and engulf the sky in a bright, bright light that is far beyond blinding. I prepare for the worst, but there … Continue reading

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