Christmas Customer Service Rant

You know, Christmas is supposedly meant to be a time of cheer and joy and all it seems to remind me of is, as I prepare myself for the onslaught that I always forget about, just how shitty people can be.

Now I’m not going to get into hypocrisy, or the fact that there are still people out there who don’t seem to realise that Christmas is not the only celebration near or around the same time because, quite frankly, I’m nowhere near as educated on that as I would like to be.

Slight correction: There may be some hypocrisy explored. I can’t tell yet as I am writing this on the fly in real time.

I’ve complained a lot about how customers behave to people who work on the phones. I’ve complained a little about how people on the phones behave to customers. I’ve complained about people not doing their job. I”ll probably complain about people doing their job at some point in the future. However, what I really like about Christmas is just how much it brings out the Christmas cheer in our customers.

So apparently Christmas is a time of year where many people simultaneously get really pissed off and stroppy. Rather than deciding to exercise some patience, they all seem to increase their sense of entitlement at least tenfold and decide to get angry at us for their stupid decisions, like putting orders in and not checking when they’ll arrive and then getting angry because we can’t do a thing about it because they agreed to what was offered and the orders are still within the time frame for delivery.

Or they’ll get pissed off because someone else bought the stuff they wanted before them.
Or, you know, they’ll get pissed off because they need to sign for their delivery, which is something they may be advised of and can’t be home to sign for it because “People have to work, you know”. I did not know that, but I’m glad you told me.

Then there are the customers who, when they don’t get what they want, start aggressively mashing the keypad on their phone before hanging up. In all honesty, what do you think this achieves? That you’re “showing” someone for something because you think that expressing your exceptional childishness because you can’t deal with not getting your way?

Recently I’ve been called the following:

Arrogant prick
So dry and rude, and a prick for trying to do my job and asking a customer not to interrupt.

I’ve been told that I’m being short despite a customer being really rude and continually interrupting. This customer also decided to call my something along the lines of unpleasant, or grouchy. I’m fairly certain that this customer was another one of those who wanted to know where I was originally from, because my name must mean that my first answer must not be where I’m originally from. Never mind the fact that my understanding and speaking of the English language is better than most of these people who then decide to try and defend themselves when I express my discomfort with the questioning, saying at length how they aren’t racist. Never mind the fact that I didn’t mention racism once on the call.

If it seems that I’m angry, then yes I am.

Supposedly having to place an order can be too much of a hassle for some customers.

So many people in the retail sector have to put with this and worse around this time of year. We aren’t here to take crap from you. Problem is that most people don’t think that mutual respect is a two-way street. They want to use you as their punching bag and will do so as much as they can.

And probably the shittiest, though not unsurprising part of this is that most of these people won’t apologise. They won’t own up to their crap when called out on it because how dare we challenge them and refuse to put up with them thinking they can treat anyone how they want?

Everyone has a bad day. I get that. That doesn’t justify shitty behaviour. A lot of us end up carrying that stuff home, regardless of the “Leave it at the office” mantra.

The customers that are good, that are respectful and really fun; they really help make the job bearable. Sadly as the end of the year draws closer, they become fewer and fewer.

Christmas generally reminds me of just how horrible people can be. Yes, there’s plenty of greatness around the holiday, but there’s also a lot of selective shitty behaviour. Just because you’re nice to someone around this time, does not mean that that automatically allows to you be an asshole to others.

Treat retail workers a bit better. They put up with so much. They don’t need more piled onto them.

If you’re going to be nice to one, or a small group of people, instead be nice to everyone.

Stop being a jerk.

And nice customers, thank you for being nice and understanding that we are also people.

End rant.

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