Sprawling Westward

Part of the western expanse as seen from Darling Harbour.

I think that it’s interesting how in this photo you get a good sense of the scale and scope of the area. There’s quite a lot within the confines of the view. At the same time, everything seems to be so small; especially ANZAC Bridge.

I like that this photo shows a “Cityscape” full of smaller buildings as you’re seeing a different, less common view of Sydney. Not so much that it’s from a higher perspective showing it, but that you’re seeing some of the suburbs rather than the CBD.

There’s a bit of depth to the photo and I think that is in part due to how the atmosphere in this shot is making things in the distance appear more faded and vague.

I’ve included a colour shot along with the monochrome shot for comparison.

Originally it was just going to be the colour shot. I was trying to correct for the window the photo was taken through, but it wasn’t working.

I think that these two contrast each other well. They’ve different feelings to each other and both represent the same scene well.

Leanne Cole begun a new photo challenge.

I suggest checking out Leanne’s photography, as well as checking out what other people submit into the challenge.

You can find the challenges here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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