IPCC Climate Change Announcement and Report

So recently the IPCC made an announcement regarding climate change.
Well, it was an announcement and a report. You can find the report here. I suggest reading over it if you can, or at the very least looking over the summary.

There’s a fair bit of important information in there about impact on the earth. Some of it involves the degradation of the Great Barrier Reef, which, to paraphrase Media Watch, you’d think would get wide media coverage in Australia, given that The GBR is a world heritage listed area.

The Great Southern Reef may be more important to Australia, but that’s another rant for another day. This is important news.

I’ve ranted about how science is not that great. Well, to be fair, the community as it seems to want to bite itself. In any event, this is free information and it’s kind of being buried.

Some places have reported on it, some are still reporting on it, but there’s not enough.

The report was dismissed by some pretty large media outlets, advising that it was, in essence, scare-mongering. Scare-mongering by scientists that have teamed together to compile research to create the report. Scare-mongering by some really good scientists who know a lot more about a subject in which they specialise than people who are skeptical and haven’t sunk the same amount of hours into the research as the scientists have.

I believe that people should make an informed and educated decision where possible, which is part of the reason as to why I have a problem with most scientific papers needing to be paid for in order to be read. However, I have a bigger problem when media outlets either bury something that is highly important to the public as a whole, or write it off and state that their ignorant opinion is more important than the research of a team of specialised scientists.

Now check out stuff about horse racing and gambling, and what’s fashionable; all of which is important. More important than how we’re affecting The GBR and the earth as a whole, after all.

Yes, the planet will go on well after we’re gone. That doesn’t mean we should continue treating it poorly. There’s a lot of things in which we can do and a lot of things that we can go without that could easily help reduce the impacts we have.

Do yourself a favour. Read the report. Like all research, it is important. If it turns out to be incorrect, it is still better to be moderately familiar with it and the content within as the predictions presented are based on interpreting information from a lot of hard work. More hard work than than those that think that something like this is best denigrated.

End rant.


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2 Responses to IPCC Climate Change Announcement and Report

  1. aj vosse says:

    I agree that we should stop treating the earth poorly… but I’m afraid most of the people who contribute to any IPCC papers do so because they are paid (loads) to do so… it is required of them to spin… by political masters!
    End counter rant! 😉


    • I don’t get what you’re saying here.

      Are you saying that the need to treat the earth better is agenda-based and we don’t need to but we should? Or are you saying that we should treat the earth better despite the agenda to treat the earth better?

      Have you even read the thing?


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