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Small Building and Massive Clouds

I can’t remember where in Melbourne I was when I took this photo. I’m sure that if I go through all the photos I took whilst in Melbourne I’d find where I was. I think this photo is mostly about  … Continue reading

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In Space Fighting Dream

I was in space fighting Chariman Drek, I think. They fight may have already been over by the point I was brought into being aware in my dream. Anyway, Chairman Drek did his speech about making money by continually building … Continue reading

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Rail Curve

Second evening of being in Melbourne. This is a fairly simply scene. The lights dominate the photo, revealing various levels of details and varying patterns in structures. People make their way to various destinations in the cold night whilst vehicles … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 463: Such a Drag

Walking is such a drag, but when you’re dragging all that which you’ve left behind, then it’s more of a slide, of sorts. Where is this going? I don’t know, I’m just here to let you know. So sliding. Sliding … Continue reading

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Sparrow Sits on Bench

Whilst wandering around Melbourne I saw this Sparrow having a brief rest. I like how it is perched on one of the bars of the bench, and like the way the droplets of water are hanging from the bench. I … Continue reading

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Luna Park Noise Issues

I’ll try to keep the details of this one brief before I go on a bit of a tangent. Luna Park in Sydney had a ruling against them regarding installing a new ride that would be part of a family-oriented … Continue reading

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Leaving the Tram

This was taken shortly after arriving at Southern Cross Station. This image shows people departing from a tram. As you can see, the motion that they make with their legs suggests movement in a direction through the medium of walking. … Continue reading

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