Wild Card Review

Jason Statham plays a guy who has a gambling addiction. He also fights but only sometimes.

His gambling addiction is also only sometimes. Sometimes he’s recovering, sometimes he’s not.

He works as a mercenary-type chaperone, or something. People pay him money to do things. Then things happen.

The plot is a little weak and sometimes it jumps around for no reason. It is respectable that the film doesn’t reveal Jason Satham’s character’s backstory beyond a few lines of dialogue near the end and some minor implying. It’s not important to most of the story and thus is left out.

This is the part that probably stands the strongest out of the whole film, as well as a good portion of films out there. A lot of the time you don’t need to know about a character’s past but too often a focus on such a thing is included and praised. Too often such a thing is a waste of everyone’s time.

The climactic fight near the end (and just before, of course) allows for some sort of epiphany.

Stanley Tucci wears a wig.

The film is kind of an art-house film, but that may have been due to the state I was in when I saw the film.

The film is shot well and has an uneven tone.
The first scene goes for a long time and is tense, but the post-script to this scene is lighthearted.

Jason Statham is not entirely unbelievable, but he is also not entirely believable.

It could have been worse.

The film does plod along more than it should.

Some of the action is interesting, some of it is not. There being less focus on action and more focus on drama is a good thing as it does allow Jason Statham to do something a little different. It’s not a great performance from him but he does show potential to be more dynamic than he allows himself to be.

The other actors do a good job as a supporting cast. However, some of them are weaker than others. Some of them pile on the drama a little too hard, some of them don’t go hard enough.

Stanley Tucci does a good job of playing… Stanley Tucci? Playing Stanley Tucci playing a mafia boss?
He wears a wig.

Wild Card is uneven. It is okay, but uneven. Some parts flow really well and some parts drag on longer than they should. The scenes are shot pretty well, but sometimes the acting is flat.

Interesting to see Jason Statham move a little out of his comfort zone. Interesting to see the base flow of the film. Little else to make Wild Card worthwhile.

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