Five-Hundred Word Challenge 441: Work Mountain

Why is it so cold?

Actually, that does not matter right now. What matters is getting to the top of the mountain of work, which is known as Work Mountain.

It towers above us all, threatening to collapse on all of us who would try to climb it, yet never doing so, for the higher we go and the more we get done, the more massive and taller it grows,.

Yet, with that being taken into consideration, it never seems to reach the sky. It always seems to keep us from ever getting there, no matter how much we try to get up there and reach out.

Occasionally some of it will fall and it would seem that, so long as we are able to not get hit by the  debris making its way down, we will be fine and have less to worry about. However, more just will fill in the missing pieces, seemingly coming out of nowhere and then we will have to tackle just as much, if not more.

It is an annoyance and one that we continually have to grapple with if we so decide to try and tackle this mountain of work that seems so malicious in its intent. However, we must also understand that the mountain is neither malicious nor evil. We must also understand that it is neither good nor benevolent. It is what it is and our choice to grapple with such an awesome beast is our choice alone to make.

Along the way to the top you see people cursing their luck and blaming everything that isn’t themselves about this choice. These people fail much more often than one realises. They are too stuck in their way and, despite there being no real success in getting to the top of this mountain, they refuse to accept that in getting on the mountain in the first place, they’ve decided to take a responsibility into their own hands and in that responsibility they must now learn to work with it and continue on instead of blaming all that which is around them.

It is normally these people that get in the way of the attempts to get to the top and it can be very difficult to get around them. It doesn’t matter how powerful your suit is as they obstruct the way. Sometimes they do so in flocks and sometimes it is just with their massive ego that is bursting out of them.

There’s usually a way around and that involves trying to ignore them as much as possible and hoping that you can get away from them really fast. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Part of us knows that we will never reach the top of Work Mountain, but we always seem to ignore this knowing and think that we will reach the top. Maybe that is what keeps us going in attempts to conquer the mighty peak.

It is a lofty dream, and perhaps one that we should discard.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:38:14

Well, this was unexpected.
I guess it makes for some interesting imagery, or something.

Written at work.

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