Five-Hundred Word Challenge 421: I’d Rather Be

Man, it’s cold.
Woman, maybe it is not cold.

Well, there’s your introduction to this post.
Maybe there is another introduction hidden within the chosen words, but that is hard to tell at this moment for I have already moved on and so should you, unless you’re looking for the hidden inertia contained within or something, or something.

Who knows?

I know that my back is sore and I am sitting here trying to get an assignment done, and yet my mind wanders to rolling hills and the ocean and running through a forest, although I’d rather walk through a forest as that way I see more things and notice more dangers, therefore increasing my chances of surviving the passing through of a forest.

I think I would much rather be taking photos right now instead of working on an assignment that is due within three hours. I say within three hours as right now I have less than three hours to finish this assignment which I should have started days ago.

Oh well.

I’d rather be on my bike, cycling around and doing things.

I’d rather be procrastinating than working on my assignment.

Still, it must be done and done it will be.

soon it will be complete and that will be one less thing that I have to worry about.
This of course means that I will be able to focus heavily on the cram that will need to occur in order to get more things done.

To be honest, I probably don’t care anymore. There are other things that I need to worry about, such as obtaining more permanent accommodation and other things that are not presently coming to mind.

Oh well. I’ve made my bed, I need to lie in it or something along those lines.

Something about overcoming the adversity that is currently ahead of me.
something else about rising to the occasion and surmounting the challenge.
Something about having gone through worse things and that this is going to be fine so long as I keep on pushing on.

Then there is something else about how what matters is if I make sure that the thing is completed and as good as it can be, followed by something else about how getting it done sooner will allow me to move onto other things which is already covered, but as I seem to be a fan of repetition at times, I may as well say it again in order to make sure that all my bases are covered.

After that I will think of something that will allow for a sudden, abrupt ending to the text that is being written as sometimes I do not make efficient use of words and of course that always leads to some issues when it comes to attempts at making a large expression or gesture, but that’s the way to roll when you’re working toward something that may or may not be a goal, sometimes.

For example: this ending.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:46:03

I felt the need to whinge.

Written at UNSW.

About Stupidity Hole

I'm some guy that does stuff. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I do more than I probably should. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out. I also co-run Culture Eater, an online zine for covering the arts among other things. We're on Patreon!
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