Five-Hundred Word Challenge 414: Forest of Little Importance

Upon the rolling ocean lies the forest for which we cannot perceive unless it is one that we immerse ourselves first in immersion oil in order to increase our magnification, as that is the only way to see the forest from the ocean.

It is there, out there, floating about and waiting for the time to be right so then it can do the thing that it needs to do, which something more than nothing.

That is the way that it appears, and appear that way it will.

Sometimes its the small things such as this situation.

It’s not that there’s any particular importance to this forest. It is fairly unassuming. It is that people want to see and access the forest without knowing why, and when they realise that they cannot do such as thing without some sort of difficulty, they get angry as they want everything handed to them on a platter, as apparently the idea of working hard and actually earning something has become a foreign concept and its much better to kick up a tantrum instead of actually getting on with it, but I digress.

Suffice to say, there is some sort of desire even though there is little reason to desire access to a thing.

Some people have gotten access and then expressed disappointment. What did they expect? It’s just a forest out there. It’s a forest of little importance.

You’d think that they would be happy that they accessed a pocket of nature that they had to work toward getting access to,m but instead they aren’t. They aren’t happy as the reward was not what they wanted. They were expecting something and didn’t get what they wanted and instead of being happy about the situation, complained to no end.

I imagine that if there was a café hidden away in this forest in the ocean, they[‘d probably be much happier, but then they might complain that the coffee wasn’t the temperature they wanted.

They’d miss the whole point, which there was no point, but you’d be seeing a part of the world that was away from the whole idea of instant gratification that we call cannot let go of, for we’re all a bunch of schmucks.

But perhaps there is a forest out there, floating on the ocean and it is not one that we can see, not hear, nor feel, but it is always there, sitting somewhere out there, waiting and watching and waiting for the moment for which we could only perceive in the right conditions.

We’d all look past it as it would not be worth our time and effort, we’d probably reason. That is the way things go sometimes.

Perhaps that is too cynical a view, but the view from the forest would be nice. There is no purpose to visit it and there is no reason out there that we’d need to have in order to go, but some would desire and some would most likely end up disappointed.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:24:70

I’m not sure as to how I feel about this.

I think I carried on a bit.

Oh well.

Written at work.


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