To Mount Dingo: Heading Up

We continued on our way but it wasn’t long before we stopped once more.
This time it was due to coming across a transmission tower that we had to walk under.

I took pictures of the underside, partly because I wanted to and partly because Ewe suggested that it would make for a good photo.

Soon after resuming walking we reached Mount Derbert. We couldn’t quite make out the path at the time, possibly due to the rocks we would have to get around and also possibly due to being lazy, so we went on a path that inevitably lead us to doing a small amount of bush bashing up the side of the mountain as it wasn’t really a path.

It was quite windy but we managed to get past the mountain and to a crossroad with the aid of a few quick breaks.

We stopped for a few minutes to work out the route as well as to have a little bit more of a rest, then made our way toward Mount Dingo.

At this point we were following a fire trail once more for a few minutes.
I was feeling a bit tired at this point, so I’m not sure if it was how I was perceiving things or if it was how it was actually happening, but in the distance I saw a person with two walking sticks turning to walk in our direction. Their movement was slow and incredibly fluid in a way that seemed unearthly.

A few seconds after seeing them, Ewe and I saw a few other people emerge from a path.
They all walked passed us, leaving us with a kind greeting as they moved.

We reached the path that they had walked from and headed down after a brief discussion about where we should go.

We slowly made our way onward. From where we were, we had to walk until we came to an area with three paths outside of the one we came from and take one of them which would lead us up a few mountains, with the last being Mount Dingo.

It was slow going. Ewe seemed to have trouble keeping up at this point, but he pushed on, as did I.

We reached an area that looked like it had the branching paths that we were looking for. However, only one of the paths was obvious. The other two did not look like they would lead anywhere, or possibly cause us to get lost. We decided to go with the obvious one as it seemed to align with our map and, had it turned out that it was incorrect then we could turn back pretty easily as the one we were choosing could have lead to Mobbs Swamp which wasn’t far from the branching paths, or so we thought.

We ended up at Mobbs Swamp. It had been a while since we saw the branching paths so we quickly rested and worked out how to get up to Mount Dingo from where we were. From our maps we could see a path that went directly up to somewhere between the two mountains before Mount Dingo. From the campground we could see what we thought was the path.

We walked for a while thinking that we were on the correct path due to the gradual rise of the path as well as being able to see sky when we’d look to the side of the mountain that we were on for brief moments, occasionally verbally reassuring ourselves to avoid doubt.

We ended up near the southern end of Mount Dingo.

There was another path to follow that we were at this point certain would lead us to the top of Mount Dingo.

It was a fairly steep ascent that thankfully was only walking, but by this point we’d been walking for most of the day. We still had energy, but fatigue was really creeping in.

We were also trying to push against time at this stage. Whilst at Mobbs Swamp we could see that sunset was not far away. Part of the plan was to get a shot of the landscape from atop Splendour Rock (one of the parts of Mount Dingo), hopefully at sunset. Whilst we were trying to get there to get that shot, it was also so we wouldn’t have to walk at night.


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