Björk: Utopia Review

So Björk has now had what one may describe as a long and illustrious career despite her music not being the most accessible, which is a good thing. She’s avoided convention a fair bit, whether intentional or not, so it comes as no surprise that Utopia is not a conventional album.

Stripped away is most percussive sounds whilst the rhythm is driven by the main body of the music. There’s a lot of melodic use of flute, occasional flourishes of electronic sounds and altogether much of the sound is fairly complete and full enough whilst allowing a lot of space to breathe. The sounds make for a more relaxed and peaceful experience than on some of Björk’s more recent albums.

Of course, despite the quality of the music the real star is Björk’s vocal performance and her use of words. She still has a strong voice and is using it a bit more softly this time around. There’s still a lot of passion, but Björk sounds a little more relaxed and free than usual and it really benefits the songs.

Utopia is a little more experimental in places than usual but overall it is quite a cohesive, enjoyable record. However, whether you like Utopia or not will mostly depend on how much you enjoy Björk.

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