Underworld: Evolution Review

What a film.

Well, it’s not well-made.

The further along it went, the more questions I had.

Why are the immortals called immortals if they can be killed?

If the “good” people know that they may be going up against an ancient werewolf, why do they only bring U.V. bullets and no bullets that are effective against werewolves?

If someone can survive imprisonment in a small space for hundreds of years without what appears to be any form of malnutrition of atrophy, are they effectively a closed system?

How is the main character not a better shot? After having hundreds of years of life at this point, you’d think she’d have worked out how to have near-perfect aim.

There are more questions that I have, but that means I have to think about the film more than I already have.

In some parts it’s enjoyable, but overall it’s poorly-directed, poorly-acted and, overall, poorly-made.

The action is okay. The music is as cheesy as it needs to be.

Overly dramatic in places.

There’s a lot of blue.

I will admit that I enjoyed parts of it, but overall it just wasn’t that fun or enjoyable.

Maybe see once. Maybe.

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2 Responses to Underworld: Evolution Review

  1. Oh like an old B horror movie then? I grew up on those and love those. Think Abbott and Costello meet the Werewolf, Bella Lagosi Vampire, Creature Features was my favorite show on Saturday nights growing up and on Saturday mornings I watched old Sci-Fi and Roller Derby.
    Immortals are not subject to death like mortals are so that seems fitting for a title to me, but the means of killing them is very specific and tricky and they die b/c it’s in the script. The good guys win the movie makes more money and gets better reviews. We like endings that way. 🙂 There’s no real logic other than money driven.

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    • Likening this film to a B movie is an insult to B movies.

      It wasn’t good.

      The means of killing them wasn’t pretty specific either.

      Also, it did not get good reviews when it came out.

      People like the franchise for some reason.

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