Ups and Downs: The Sky’s in Love With You Review

Ups and Downs have a new album out called The Sky’s in Love With You, so here’s a review.

The new album from Ups and Downs sees the band release something that sounds like a continuation without sounding as though it was pulled from their first period. Coming in around a lean thirty-four minutes, the songs are packed with an excellent use of melody.

The songs don’t sound as though they drag and are fleshed out enough to not feel underdeveloped. There’s a nice, natural-sounding textural layering to each song that allows them to inhabit their own space whilst also feeling like they are part of the album. This is driven by strong, tight performances that never overplay.

Greg Atkinson’s vocals are still as good as they ever have been. He does not sound tired nor as though he is struggling and delivers well-written lyrics that are as image-evoking as they are emotive with much aplomb.

There’s something about Greg Atkinson’s vocals and the band’s performance that separates both him and Ups and Downs from other artists. Perhaps it is that Ups and Downs know how to temper melody with a mostly low-key performance and a fair bit of breathing space. Perhaps it is that Greg Atkinson uses subtlety to great effect.There could be many reasons. Whatever it is, in conjunction with a strong sense of melody and ability to work well with what they have, it not only separates Ups and Downs from other artists but also elevates them above their peers, especially on The Sky’s in Love With You.

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