Five-Hundred Word Challenge 339: Happy Little Plant

In a happy little pot there is a happy little plant that will grow to be some sort of stronger, larger version of itself one day in the near future.
It needs water and sun and with those two things, it shall surely grow as massive as it needs to be.

The type of plant is still yet to be determined, but it is understood that if may become a massive tree if it is removed from the pot and put into the earth.

From there, it will need less watering as, as it grows it will be able to find its own sources of water and will need it less constantly as it grows thick and large and reaches for the sky whilst spreading its branches and leaves outward and upward, creating a very small canopy.

As the plant grows it may attract various invertebrates and vertebrates. Perhaps it will create its own little ecosystem as various creatures inhabit its branches and the crevasses in its bark, whilst others inhabit the soil that the roots spread through.

It is possible that as it  spreads out, the happy little plant will meet other happy little plants and they will grow in unison with each other. If planted in the right area, perhaps the plant will become part of a forest that is far greater than it would ever be if it were to remain alone.

However, it is likely that it will remain in someone’s backyard, growing tall and mighty, creating shade on a small patch of earth and leaving a little spot in the backyard for people to relax, for it would be cool in that shade that the plant would create.

Perhaps none of this will happen at all. Perhaps the happy little plant will remain a small plant and become fruit-bearing throughout whichever season it is that it would bear fruit.

Of course this would attract various little creatures, but if whomever was growing the plant acted fast enough, then they would be able to get the fruit for themselves.

Maybe it will not be a fruit-bearing plant and instead be one that just produces flowers.

Bees would fly around, collecting pollen whilst cross-pollinating and the aroma of the flowers would enrich the area in which they would sit.

There would be a sense of vibrancy and at the same time calm that would be found within looking at the plant and its produce as the little creatures work around it, doing the things that they do, whatever those things may be.

Wherever it would end up, it would surely lift the mood of the place whenever someone were to look upon and appreciate its beauty.

Indeed, there is a great amount of potential for this happy little plant, regardless of what it becomes. All it needs at the moment is sun and water, and perhaps also a little bit of care and love in order for it to grow and help it reach its full potential.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:02:06

I think this came about as I need to do a small amount of re-potting today.
I like this. It is nice and relaxed.

Written at home.


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