Five-Hundred Word Challenge 312: All of Them go to the Beach

On the surface of the ocean the light does dance in a way that seems to be pleasing to the eye.

It may be something sinister, but right now it is pleasing.

Waves crash and caress the surface of the beach, pulling away the sand whilst trying to flatten the profile of the beach.

There are enough dunes to work as a barrier, helping the beach recover every time there is a storm.

Children are playing. Children are laughing.

People of all ages are in the ocean, enjoying thew waves, having fun in the surf.

It is a day for celebration as it is a day in which many people are at the beach for some given reason.

The waves come and knock them about.

Some surf, some dive under and some allow themselves to be carried away as the waves move toward the sand, eventually breaking before they are able to crash down on the sand.

There are many people on the beahc, absorbing the heat and trying to give themselves some sort of tan.

Some people are not looking for either absorption or tanning. Instead they are just lookjing for a moment to relax away from the city, despite still being in it, for the beach offers a temporary repreieve from the bustle of the office, yet it still is as routine as everything else in their life.

Most people are on the beach enjoying themselves in some way, thinking that they are getting away from the routine that they have to follow every other day of the week, but in a way all they are doing is following a routine that they have always followed.

When it is hot you go to the beach on the weekend.

It is never the cold. Few people visit the beach and face the waves when it is a cooler climate, for they don’t want to experience the cold. However, the beach is still there, available for use by everyone, or at least those that will push beyond the temperature and embrace the waves, using them as some form of intense wake up, or perhaps some form of worship where being among the waves is their way of praying to mother nature.

Despite some people going to the beach as part of some routine despite their not thinking as such, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, for they all are visiting and are experiencing it in some way.

Some people are there as they want to be in the water, whilst some would prefer to be on the sand.

Some go there to experience the wave energy and feel as though they are part of something bigger than they had thought was possible in that very moment, whilst some go there to relax and find a form of unwinding that they don’t frequently have.

Some go in the cold in order to have more space to themselves.

All of them go to the beach and experience it in some way.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:53:84

This is a very weak post, but I still think that it is an improvement over other recent posts.

I started this one way and it ended up being something else entirely.

Written at work.

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