An Angry Essay that I Wrote

There was an arbitrary adding of uni work last week for one of my subjects which left me feeling angry which came through in the essay that I had to write as the essay in question was the arbitrary addition of work.

The tutorial demonstrator forgot to collect them.

It is not a good essay. It might be fair to describe it as really bad. It starts with whinging. However, I’m sharing it here because… I don’t know. I have no good reason.

Maybe I want it out there somewhere.

Anyway, here is how to not write an essay:


So I read The Paradoxes of Time Travel and then set out to write as close to eight-hundred words as I felt that I could despite feeling quite nauseous, having to complete assignments that were not arbitrarily set, as well as catching up on the lectures that I miss due to having to go to work to support myself. I was going to do the reading as that is something that I do have time for, but I digress.

Despite what David Lewis seems to believe, The Paradoxes of Time Travel did not convince me that time travel was possible. It did not convince me of anything other than David Lewis had an interesting thought experiment that many of us have had.

No form of guardian there to stop an assassination of a direct relative in the past, yet still somehow due to circumstances the assassination fails. I imagine that, in a sense, that would be a form of guardian.

David Lewis brings up the causal loop, failing to mention that it is quite possible that there may have been a beginning to the loop. He assumes that it has no beginning, but it is quite possible that at the start Event A had occurred through some happening involving hard work, leading to the time machine. The traveller travels back and lets their younger self know how it was created, leading to Event B, which then leads to Event A once more but under different circumstances, which then leads to Event B once more and so on.

In his arrogance, David Lewis fails to consider the following possibility when misleadingly he tells us he is going to convince us that time travel is possible, then goes and explores the paradoxes:

It may just be that time travel is possible in that you can’t go back to the past, but time travel as it is perceived is actually a reconstruction of the past rather than an actual travelling to the past.

Perhaps all that is happening is that which was is being rebuilt to be once more.

Perhaps the time traveller does not travel through time but instead time is being moved around us in a way similar to how you can go back and forward in a film.

Name, I read the reading. I was not convinced that time travel is possible. I was not convinced that David Lewis was anything other than arrogant. He raises some interesting points. Well, aside from the whole “regular people travel through time at a rate of one hour of time per hour of time” bit. That was one of the most idiotic things I’ve read.

I don’t have the time to write additional essays because people did not do the readings. I was on a field trip and then straight back to work. I was working on that field trip and I came back to do more work. I did not have the time over the semester break. If other people choose not to do the readings, that is their problem. It’s up to them to choose how they want to fail.

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