On the Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Recently the vote form for the same sex marriage plebiscite commenced the process of being sent out to everyone.

It’s stupid.

It’s stupid because it’s a waste of everyone’s time and the government doesn’t necessarily have to act out on the wishes of the majority.

Well, it’s good if the majority says no and same sex marriage does become possible in Australia, or if the majority does say yes and then the government honours the desire of the Australian people, but somehow I don’t see that being the outcome.

I think that it’s lead to some of the shitty self-righteousness of some people come out in full force.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who is noticing this, but there seems to be a large number of straight people coming out and talking about how they’ve voted yes or that they’re going to vote yes like they need to remind everyone that they’re progressive and have no issues with gay people.

To me it seems like some sort of giant pissing contest that reminds me of general elections a little too much.

It also seems like a whole lot of people don’t care about whether same sex marriage is legal or not, instead seeming to only care about how letting people know that they voted yes makes them look.

It really doesn’t feel like a lot of people are treating it as though they are voting to give someone else a benefit that they gain nothing from.

Who needs to know that you voted yes?

Why are you telling people?

Does it really matter that much that you make sure as many people you know know you voted in the affirmative?

There’s no issue with marriage.

What’s wrong with people getting married?

There’s nothing wrong with marriage at all. Why do people have a problem with people getting married?

They’re gay?

Why does it matter that they’re gay? Why does it matter that people who are into the same sex may want to choose to get married with another consenting adult?

They’re just people getting married. Their sexual orientation shouldn’t matter.

People talking about their voting for the affirmative in a vote that is non-binding seem like they’re in it for themselves. I bet they’d vote against if it made them look good.


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