Five-Hundred Word Challenge 296: A Thing Called “Study”

Well, here I am at the end of my shift, wondering as to what I’ll do when I get home, as long as it involves study.

Well, I’m not actually wondering as to what I’ll do when I get home as I already know as to what I’ll do when I get home.

It’s no real mystery.

It involves study and learning in order to do better in the subjects that I am covering this semester of the institution of university for the university that I indeed to attend, and verily so.

It is a thing called “study”.

What is this marvelous creation of terror and pain that I have enabled to enter into my life?

I am not sure.
I do not have the answers, unfortunately.

All I know is that it leads to an incredible sense of dread as deadlines draw closer and closer, intending to engulf me and will succeed in doing so, lest I defeat them with knowledge and wit.

Do I have the wit?

Hard to say.

Do I have the knowledge?

Also hard top say.

All I know is that all I can do is try and try again until I successfully succeed in some sort of desperate attempt to struggle against the nature of reality and keep telling myself that I am a genius waiting to be born who will revolutionise something.

It’s good to have delusions of grandeur, except that it is not good to have delusions of grandeur as they are deluding and unrealistic due to being deluding.

Well, that’s all that I have to say about that.

It’s time to get back to the dreading of my future activities, for they will be long and arduous and involve many readings to be done, except I will not do them and instead listen to the lectures that are laid out in front of me.

So much to engulf, such little time.

I must build my tree and make for some strong branches of knowledge, where the learning will be as obvious as i0t will be apparent.

I must continue to endure and succeed, even if I fail, for failure still can lead to success, for you can learn for failure and the acquisition of knowledge is its own reward.

Well, that’s what I tell myself.
I’d like to believe it, so I will.

There is a lot to learn. I have a lot to do.
I think that I can do some sort of success this semester.

I do feel a little overwhelmed, but I will continue to push on, for I want to do better, so I hope that I will indeed do better.

Will I?


Too early to tell.

There is only one way for me to find out, so I will continue to push on into the night and tear my hair out, putting myself in some sort of position of cramming harder than I have ever crammed before.

Or I’ll just keep on studying.

Or something.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:17:98

Within the last ten minutes of work last night I decided to bang away and see what happened.

This is probably best treated as a writing exercise and not much else.

Written at work.


About stupidityhole

I'm some guy that does stuff. The standards. Creating amazing effigies, scaling mountains using my feet only and replacing the very fabric of reality. Serious time! I enjoy writing. I make music in some of my spare time. Currently working somewhat full time and studying as well. Also working on self-improvement. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out.
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