Five-Hundred Word Challenge 295: The Carrot

It was a cold morning in which The Carrot rose to the occasion, preparing itself for something that was as daring as it was defying the conjecture that had been going o-n throughout the village of the greens.

The Carrot was an outsider and would always be considered an outsider, for it was not a green.

Despite being born there and knowing the place far better than everyone else, it was always considered by the residents as being someone who was never there from birth, instead being someone who came there without the consultation of the villagers. Someone who came there and invaded their space.

The Carrot had known more about the village than anyone else. It had also done more for the village than anyone else. It had helped the community become strong and self-reliant. Everyone relied on The Carrot to some extent, using it as though it was someone for their benefit, yet everyone refused to acknowledge its contributions to their society and wished it would go.

However, no one was allowed to leave the village without the explicit permission of the village elder, Mayor Cabbage.

Even then, on the rare occasions where permission was granted, no one was allowed to venture far, for it was a dangerous world outside and there could be no guarantee of safety.

Still, The Carrot, tired of being treated as though it never belonged despite everyone relying on it, decided that it was time to go out as far as it could, far beyond the view of their society and into a world with boundaries that remained to be explored.

It was not going to bother with asking, for every time it was rejected, despite it knowing that it could be just as beneficial to the village outside of it as it was within.

And so it set out. It had studied the gate for a long time, knowing how to open it after much trial and error, always working at a time where it would not be caught.

The gate was imposing, but The Carrot now knew its secrets and so the gate was of little issue.

At this time The Carrot did not care if someone saw it opening the gate, which is exactly what happened.

No one knew what to do.

The gate opened.

A few of the villagers, after hesitating, rushed out of the growing crowd to try and stop The Carrot from leaving, gripping it and trying to pull it down.

The Carrot refused to let them hold it back and shook them off.


“I don’t care”, said The Carrot.

It passed through the gate without fear, without hesitation.

No one followed, for they did not know what could happen if they crossed through the gate.

And so The Carrot left, disappearing from the view of the village, never to return.

The small pocket of civilisation gradually crumbled, unable to function due to relying on The Carrot for too long.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:11:16

I think that there was a little too much repetition in this one.

I think I was hoping to end up with something a little more up in the air, but this turned out fairly grounded.

Well, more grounded than I had expected.

Written at work.

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