Five-Hundred Word Challenge 289: Writing Lecture Notes, then Something

We are still evolving.
Things are changing.

Things do not remain forever the same.

There are changes that occur, such as people being born without wisdom teeth.

These are things that I am hearing about right now.

there are consequences for evolution of life in the sea.

There are factors that they have to deal with.

Certain organisms may approach these issues differently to other issues.

Water is something that we don’t need to think about too much when we are doing marine science.

Well, maybe we do have to think about it a bit more than what is currently suggested, but right now it is something that we don’t have to think about too much.

However, water is still pretty important.

How does water differ from air?


How does sea water differ from air?

Salt water is denser than air.

There are other things that I’m not going to try and list right now.

What colour is water?

Water is colourless.

Air is colourless.

In general, water is transparent. It is a really important property to keep in mind, as it may come up at a time when one does not think that they would need it, such as during an armed robbery or something.

Water dissolves stuff. Air blows.

Air does things that we need to keep in mind, such as stuff and other.

Sometimes air will not be air, in which case it is something else at that point.

It can be dense if it is highly compressed into something else, in which then it would no longer just be air, but something else that could resemble air, such as compressed air.

However, water is the universal solvent. This needs to be kept in mind as you might need to get yourself out of a room made of rock and only have a bottle of water. You could wait for help which would eventually come along, or you could use the water in your bottle of water to pour onto some of the rock and then wait for it to dissolve the rock, therefore letting you have a form of escape, but you’d also probably need a rope as you’d be suspended somewhere in the sky, floating in a prison of rock, as it were.

You’d also want to make sure that you have a really long rope as you’d want to be able to make your way to the ground as safely as possible.

Would it be possible?

It depends on how much rope you have.

If you have enough rope, then you’d make it the whole way down with complete safety.

If you didn’t have enough rope, then you’d probably have a small fall at the end.

Make sure to do a forward roll when you land so as to reduce the impact and transfer the force of your landing into the earth, therefore freeing yourself of any chance of injury.

Well, I guess I better get back to listening to this lecture now.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:59:03

Decent speed.
Perhaps a bit too silly.

Back to lecture.

Written at UNSW.

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