47 Metres Down Review

I got to see this movie for free and I still felt ripped off.

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are adults who spend some time acting like teenagers who are on holiday and end up diving in a rusty cage that breaks and sinks into the ocean, leaving them to spend most of their time talking semi-continuously whilst acting as hard as they can.

The premise is good, but it is let down by, aside from the direction and acting being a bit weak in places, two things:

The C.G.I. sharks and the soundtrack.

The sharks sometimes look fine, but haven’t we done sharks enough?
Isn’t it time that we stop trying to make them out to be as scary a threat as possible?
Can’t we just leave them alone?

Sharks are a threat but they’ve been used enough in film with little imagination at this point.

The soundtrack didn’t help much, being as loud as possible in parts.
I’ve said this before: a soundtrack should not tell you how to feel.

Whilst the acting is passable (being balanced between tolerable, weak and really good), this film would have been significantly improved with reduced dialogue, the removal of the sharks and the removal of music outside of diegetic use.

Being stuck in the ocean in a cage is scary enough as it is, but you don’t need sharks to keep that scary.

I do have to admit that I can see as to why the sharks were used and, despite my grievances with them I do have to admit that they aren’t used too much, but at the very least their use should have much less.

The jump scares were merely okay.

The film drags a little in parts, but otherwise its pacing is okay.

Admittedly, 47 Metres Down could have been much worse.

It also could have been better.

What was probably the best part of the film was, when being asked where Ewe and I wanted to sit, I asked if it mattered as it wasn’t as though anyone else was going to see the film.

The person serving us responded by saying “There’s ten other people seeing the film”.

After we responded, there was a bit of silence before the person serving us spoke once more.

“They’re paying”.

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