Blocked Pipes

Today has been a day of banality.

Endless, enduring banality.

Well, there was some excitement, which is what I’m going to talk about in this post.

A quick warning: if you find the discussion of fecal matter disgusting, best stop reading now as this will involve some things that can be caused by fecal matter.

Well, here goes.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a bit of trouble with flushing the toilet.

It’s not that flushing the toilet has been difficult, but getting it to flush properly if there’s been water use prior to said flush (included previous flushes of the toilet) have caused the toilet to fill with water.

We used a couple of plunges to help deal with the issue, but it was getting rather frustrating to say the least.

It was Saturday morning when Je and I saw a real problem.

One of our housemates was having a shower when the laundry started flooding with sewage. Fun times.

Well, it wasn’t so much a flood as it was a pipe opening was overflowing and the sewage was pouring out, which ran out of the laundry and into the lower part of the back yard.

There was a quick discussion about rationing water (which shouldn’t happen at all under any circumstances as in this day and age when you live in a country that doesn’t have the greatest luck with water you probably shouldn’t be having long showers that end up getting steam and moisture all over a poorly-ventilated room, and this is without discussing the potential health benefits of not being precious and having brief showers [which I’m not entirely sure on as I have not read enough about them, but from what I have read, there are health benefits to not having long showers and, speaking on a strictly personal level, from having brief showers for most of my adult life, I’m inclined to believe that there are genuine health benefits to getting in and out as efficiently as possible]), then I said that we’ll need to check the opening in the laundry to see how high the water was before we would have a shower.

I then said that I’d call the real estate when I started work for the day.

Well, I got to work and tried calling the real estate. No one was answering.

I advised Je that I’d try them later. When it came to later, I forgot.

On Sunday, whilst on the way home from work I bought some drano and when I got home I unleashed it in the opening in the laundry, as well as in the shower and toilet.

It did very little.

I resolved to call the real estate on Monday to organise for a plumber to come out and have a look.

When it came to Monday, I forgot.

Last night Je and my housemate jumped into the shower without checking the opening in the laundry.

More overflowing water.

Je and I telling our housemate to stop his shower.

He was not happy about that.

I didn’t care as it was not going to be him that was going to deal with the issue.

Come this morning and I found myself a bit unsure of what to do, as I had to go to uni and then work, but we needed a plumber out as soon as possible.

I decided to stay home and call the plumber whilst everyone else headed off to work.

I called the plumber and told them what had happened. They asked me to text my address to them and that they’d get back to me in an hour. It took longer than an hour, but I wasn’t fussed.

Once the plumber called back, they told me that they’ll be coming out in about forty minutes and asked me to notiy the real estate, which I then gladly called and notified.

Once the plumber was here, I told him what the issue was and showed him where the overflow was coming from. After grabbing a drill from his ute, He unscrewed a lid on the opening in front of the outside toilet (something that I have yearned for since after moving out of my first place away from my Mum’s place, but something I try not to use now that I’ve had one for over a year for some reason) and had a quick look.

H had a quick look and could see that it was heavily clogged. He then used a tool to try and force the clogging down and that did not do much.

It was inevitable for the sewer snake to come out for use.
I knew this as there was many a time that Je and I had to deal with blocked pipes due to tree roots in our previous place.

It took a really long time to get everything unclogged. Some stuff did not go the way that it was expected to go, which was as wonderful as one could imagine, especially when a black, thick liquid started pouring out from under a tree and into part of the backyard.

There was another pipe opening discovered there and so down went the snake into it in order to try and get it as clear as possible.

It was not pleasant.

Neither was the smell.

Once done the plumber hosed down as much of the fecal matter not in the part of the backyard that had the black liquid. He said that that had to dry first before we could clean it.

Unfortunately not all the fecal matter could be hosed down. It’s probably best to let that also dry.

So there’s a little bit of cleaning to do, but thankfully it isn’t anything major.

The smell has mostly dissipated.

There was one thing that brought back faint memories of having to deal with flies over two days.

One point this afternoon I went into the backyard to see how drying was going and I could see that flies had come out en masse.

I quickly went back inside.

As said, a banal day.

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