One Thousand Word Challenge 21: An Interesting Event

Yesterday morning something rather interesting happened to me.
Well, I think it was interesting. It probably isn’t that interesting at all and it’s a bit of a waste of time to type out, but as I think it was interesting, I’m going to type it out for all of you to read if you so desire.

I was on my bike and I was aiming to do a few laps around Iron Cove as, after a bit of a break from cycling, I was back on my bike once more and am trying to get back to being able to go a fair distance without getting tired.

As I was going around Iron Cove I saw that at a point there were a bunch of stalls set up for people to visit. I thought that there may have been some sort 0of festival occurring and it might have been interesting to check out at some other point in time.

Very close to these stalls I saw what looked like a digital timer set up which I surmised might have to do with some sort of race.

The cycle was mostly uneventful. I realised that I was far less fit than I thought I was; something that was revealed to me very shortly into the first lap of Iron Cove.

Still, I was doing well for speed and it wasn’t the hardest I’ve had to pedal.

So I was cycling along and doing well despite only being back on the bike a few days prior when, on my route I came across a big area that had a lot of people.

I kept on moving forward when I realised that a race was about to commence.

I could hear someone counting down, so I tried to get as far forward as I could before I was engulfed by runners. I could see a point where I thought they were going to start, but I could not see where they were coming from at the time.

Unfortunately I was not fast enough, but I was fortunate enough to see a swarm of joggers in front of me flow forward as though they were a river that was able to push past a barrier for the first time in a while.

I went onto a different path to see if I could get around the joggers but I was not able to and had to go with them for a short distance before I could break away.

On grass I pushed on the pedals as hard as I could, hoping to get in front of the crowd so I would not have to deal with them, but, despite my gaining a fair bit of distance, I was still not near the front of the crowd and had to stick with the people for a little longer.

I stopped at one point as I decided that the best course of action would be to head home instead of continuing with my original plan of doing a few laps, so I stopped when there was a road and waited for a break in the jogging traffic so I could being to make my way home.

It took a while.

There was a point where I felt like telling everyone who was jogging to stop so I’d be able to walk to the other side, but before this could happen there was enough of a gap for me to get to the road, hop on my bike and begin cycling.

I made my way home with little difficulty.

It was interesting to see a large number of people competing in what seemed to be a fun race, but it was something that I really did not want to deal with as, had I gotten ahead of the crowd, on my second lap I would inevitably have to deal with the crowd again.

I got to go home still feeling as though I had done a decent amount of cycling and I still got to see some good views.

I also had the joy of dealing with a bunch of people who seem to think that a cycle track is for pedestrians to walk along and lead to some close calls.

There was at least one point where, due to people not walking on the footpath and instead walking on the cycle track, I could have hit another cyclist.

These situations area always really fun.

It was a bit of a cold morning, but I wasn’t feeling the cold as far as I was aware.

Overall, it was an enjoyable cycle and I’m fine with not getting past the joggers before they started their race, although when I think about it, I doubt I would have been able to get past them at all.

I probably should have looked for a different route, but if I had done that then I probably wouldn’t have had an experience that I found to be interesting.

I think that I found it interesting as I have never found myself surrounded by a swarm of foot racers before.

I’ve certainly been surrounded by pedestrians plenty of times, but never any that were moving at a pace that could be considered being faster than walking.

I don’t imagine that something like this will happen to me for a while at the least.
I don’t imagine that I’ll find myself in this kind of situation ever again.

If I do, at least I know that I should probably turn away and go elsewhere.
I could let whatever direction I take lead me to somewhere that I may have never been before, which would be its own kind of adventure.

That’s part of the fun of cycling; if I decide that I want to see where somewhere takes me, it’s pretty easy for me to go there without having to worry as much about the time if I don’t have all day to spare.

Well, that is all I have to say about yesterday.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 17:55:49

So I was aiming to have this finished within five-hundred words, but when I saw that I went over that amount I decided to keep on going.

I think that this is a little better than most of the things that I write.
It’s not amazing, but it’s a pretty easy, straightforward read with repetition being a bit lower than usual.

Written at home.

About Stupidity Hole

I'm some guy that does stuff. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I do more than I probably should. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out. I also co-run Culture Eater, an online zine for covering the arts among other things. We're on Patreon!
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  1. lulu says:

    17 minutes is pretty good time for 1,000 words. Next up a novel?

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