Five-Hundred Word Challenge 261: There are Buildings


There are buildings.

Usually when there are buildings, there is a congregation of buildings as they bump into each other due to the lack of ability to move around easily due to them taking up all the space around them, and their tiny legs not being long enough to keep maneuverability an easy thing to do.

Such is the way of the life when you are a building.

One has to wonder as to just how hard it is to be alive when you are a building, with your tiny legs and your lack of lengthy legs making it easier to get around with as little issue as possible.

Sometimes you have to sit there for a very long time, waiting for people to move in and out of you before you can go down the road and order some cheap, filling takeout because it would take too long to cook the food and they just want something that will be easy to deal with in that given moment.

Sometimes they need to find new places to sit, which explains why cities already are different every single time you enter them, yet contain all the same buildings. It’s just the buildings moving around once people are done being in them.

Buildings often can’t go into the bush when they’re really tall as all the shifting terrain makes it much harder for them to get about than creatures that are much smaller than they ever will be.

There was this one time when a building decided to be in one position for part of the day, then another position for the other part of the day, then ran a few laps around the border of the city as the terrain around the city was fairly flat and unassuming, therefore making it much easier for the building to get around than had it been a little more hilly, for then the building may have struggled a little more. After this was all done, it went back to its original position for a while. The building did not try to jump in any way as that would have cause problems of some kind and no one wanted to see what those problems would lead to as it was likely there would be a bit of a mess.

Sometimes the difficulty in being a building arises from being a building.
You can’t do much about your height and as you have no face you cannot scream.
Somehow you are able to get around by “sensing” where everything is, but there is no real way to communicate so you have to hope for the best.

See, that’s the problem with not having arms and being a huge structure with short legs; your options become severely limited and you have to be there, completely in silence and solitude, surrounded by many other beings of your type and those that are different, unable to communicate and unable to express, yet desiring greatly for forms of communication.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:25:51

Well, I can officially say that I was not quite expecting this to veer into something that may be construed as a little sad, but it happened.

Written at UNSW.

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