Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man feels a fair bit like Spider-Man.

The villain used isn’t out to destroy or rule the world. He’s a thief and weapons dealer, but nothing more.

The villain is established before Spider-Man appears on screen.

There’s a good deal of focus on Peter Parker not as Spider-Man, although much of that time does seem to be spent on him trying to reconcile his two lives, or at least wanting to get back to spending time as Spider-Man. There are some parts that seem a little too trite, but the dichotomy works.

Some moments are a bit cringe-worthy.

Some scenes do not look good, such as the one featuring Iron Man floating motionless and Spider-Man sitting. It’s rather flat and feels rushed.

The dialogue is usually quite quick and well-delivered.

There’s a fair bit of humour throughout the film that works well and helps to keep the tone light.

The actors do a pretty good job and whilst sometimes it feels a bit too much like they’re acting (you can almost hear Robert Downey Jr. cringe at one point and it does not feel like it’s meant to be Tony Stark cringing), overall their performances are believable.

The good thing about this film is that its elements are (usually) low-key.

There’s probably a number of flaws with the film that are easy to miss as the film is usually fast-paced, but otherwise it’s a well-made, lighthearted superhero film that is enjoyable to watch.


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