Five-Hundred Word Challenge 253: Back, a bit Sore

The camping has ended and I have returned to Sydney to conquer this vast expanse of mediocrity in order to carefully turn it into something that can truly be referred to as a world class city, as it will finally be a city and a well-integrated one rather than a bunch of towns forced together in some sort of unholy mish-mash of different things that are not congealing every well despite the expectation that they do so without any help whatsoever, or the expectation that only the people that reside in these towns doe not expect anyone outside of them to work on the joining and fusing of community, because that’s the way that things have to be done in order for progress to be made!

I’m not sure as to where I was going with that.

It was a good two days of walking and I will write a fair bit about the journey in the coming days, but for now all I want to talk about the exceptional amount of pain that I am in as a result of the walking in the bush that I conducted with Ewe.

I am feeling sore, but not as sore as I thought that I would be feeling, which is a good thing. We walked a lot more than we expected to due to circumstances changing at the last minute (and our desire to not do something that was presenting itself as quite dangerous to us considering the amount of weight we were carrying in our packs), as well as for a lot longer than anticipated which left me thinking that I would be more sore than I am now.

I’m feeling much less sore than when I was after I came down from Mount Fuji, although I did find the walk to be more difficult.

That’s all I really had to say about the pain at the moment.

I am feeling sore, but I am recovering quite quickly, which is obviously something that I am quite thankful for, for if I was more sore than I am now, I probably wouldn’t be sitting as comfortably as I am.

I also would probably be doing some sort of weird walk everywhere in order to try and get my forward motion happening as much as I could possibly get it to be happening.

I don’t know what else to write about right now.

Well, the walk was good. The air was clean. The bush was natural.

There were trees and pathways and mountains as well as views and skies and landscapes and colours and dirt and a fire and other things that one usually sees when they are in the bush.

There was also some minor amounts of climbing and some paranoia and some overwhelming joy.

I guess that is to be expected when you feel as though you’re not going to get out easily and end up getting out with a little bit of luck.

Well, back to other things now.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:05:09

So I really wasn’t sure as to what I was meant to be writing here, but then again, I usually am unsure about what I’m going to write.


Written at work.

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