Five-Hundred Word Challenge 252: Camping Tomorrow

You know, for all of my familiarity with part of the track that I will be traversing tomorrow, as well as being able to go with Ewe, I am still feeling a little scared about our heading out into the blue Mountains to camp.

I attempted this trek last year on my own and whilst I got a good chunk of it done, there was a point where I found myself  unable to progress further and turned back in order to set up camp in a more open area than where I had stopped.

I’m not sure as to why I included that as I’m fairly certain that I’ve written about it before.


So Ewe and I will be going further than I had gone and it is a little scary. I’m not sure if it’s a fear of the unknown or a fear of the danger, but I do know that it is a slight bit of fear.

I don’t think that that is enough of a reason to stop me from doing the trek and camp.

I know that it will be worth it in the end. I’m going to be doing this with a great friend whom I can trust. I don’t know if he’s feeling the same, but if he is, then I’d like to believe that he’s glad that he’s doing the trek with me.

We’re going to be camping in cold weather and we are prepared for it, which is good.

To be absolutely fair, this probably isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not the longest trek that we could be doing by a long shot, but it probably is the longest that, at this current point in time, is the one we feel most confident about.

It’s going to give us some wonderful views and some much needed time away from the city, for we’ve been dwelling in the city for a bit too long without a break at this stage.

We’ll probably be really tired at the end of it, but we’ll also probably feel pretty relaxed.

Perhaps nothing will happen along the track that could be seen as a bad thing.
In fact, it is likely that nothing that could be seen as being dangerous to us could happen, so long as we are careful about where we walk, how we handle certain parts and where we choose to set up camp.

The likely situation is that, despite the bit of fear that I have, we will be completely fine and really enjoy the whole trek.

We’ll enjoy being among nature and being away from the city in an area full of lush vegetation and beautiful land surrounding us wherever we walk.

Perhaps we’ll enjoy it so much that we’ll do it again. Hopefully, if that is indeed the case, it happens sooner rather than later as I think a little more than a year between camping in nature is a little too long.

Surely it is something enjoyable.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:34:05

So whilst I was writing this I realised that I ran out of things to say, which is why this ends the way it does.

Oh well.

Written at work.


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