Five-Hundred Word Challenge 250: Dedicated Bus Roads

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of lat week I was in Brisbane.

Well, it was Wednesday evening, but it still counts.

Anyway, I was in Brisbane for an exhibition and I must say that it was a fun time that I had. It was easy, relaxing, and so on.

There is one thing that I was really amazed by and I’m surprised that this is something that hasn’t been adopted in Sydney due to how easy it would make things when it comes to commuting.

In Brisbane there are dedicated bus roads.
Not bus lanes on the road. Whole roads dedicated to buses only.

This makes getting around so much faster than if the buses had to share the roads with other vehicles.

I am aware that there aren’t as many as there could be, but there is still a small network and it increases efficiency by a significant amount.

Getting to a suburb in which I was staying took much less time than it would in Sydney over the same distance. In estimation, I believe it took ten minutes less than the same distance in Sydney.

I was amazed by how simple and genius that this idea was and I’m surprised and disappointed by the fact that we don’t have something like this in Sydney.

I’ve complained about and ciritcised public transport in Sydney many times and will continue to do so as it is quite worthy of all the criticism it gets.

In a world class city, you  get the construction of a light rail line that runs to a suburb that has (at least)  five bus routes that are currently running through it, which are cheaper and faster to use, unless the new light rail will be able to run faster than the buses, as well as take a more direct route.

Otherwise we have random price hikes, continued delays and are told that it’s all okay and everything is operating as expected, unless it isn’t, in which then the management of the system gets passed on to someone else.

Someone might say “It’s better than place x or y”, to which I say “so?”.
That is no reason to be happy with a system that offers less than it should.

We’re told that Sydney is a world class city, so we should expect better than what we get for public transport.

It is somewhat extensive and works well in parts, but that just is not good enough.

There is little to no incentive and has too many reoccurring problems (such as the 370 being known for seemingly being unable to adhere to anything resembling a timetable) that many other places have solved, such as Brisbane with their dedicated bus roads.

Until Sydney starts resembling what it calls itself, I don’t see how anyone can defend it as a world class city. Other than public transport, there’s many other problems. It could be worse, but it should be significantly better than for what we allow ourselves to settle.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:38:70

I don’t think I’ve done enough writing over the past few weeks, which is probably why this was a bit slower than some of my other posts.

Some ranting about public transport, nothing out of the ordinary.

Written at work.


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