Five-Hundred Word Challenge 247: Generic Fantasy Story

On the top of the trees, the wild mongoose of destiny awaits the destiny that is set out for it, which is to be  a mongoose that is out of place that needs to fulfill the destiny of someone else who is on a quest that is as dramatic and “epic” as can be, for the more “epic” and dramatic the quest, the more that destiny is needed.

There were fated, vague mentions of a prophecy of a coming darkness; an evil that would spread across the lands and subjugate all that it could, but before all hope was lost, a child would be born who would bring hope to the world and push back the evil, finally defeating it after its many years of reigning over the land and increasing its power.

The child was raised innocently and far away from the evil, having a mostly easy life in the village in which it grew up. However, when the great evil finally took its home, it journeyed out and slowly discovered its destiny, which involved much questing and much suffering, but in the end the child knew that it would reign triumphant and free the land from the ironclad grasp of the evil that tried to suffocate the beauty and nature of the world as the evil did evil things, such as enslave people for industry to build a scorched empire or something, and developing a palace that was so big that it became a bit superfluous as, whilst it worked well as a symbol of evil, it was impractical as it took too long to get around.

And anyway, what would happen when its army finally conquered everything? What would it then do? Would the army turn around and defeat the evil on its own? Would it continue to follow and keep a perpetual subjugation going on in the world?

Wouldn’t people eventually adapt and find a a solution?

Anyway, there was journeying. There was question. Sometimes at once, but not usually. Then there was prophecy. Then the mongoose of destiny sitting in the tree was used in the way that was required in order for it to fulfill its role in the destiny of the child of the prophecy. Then there was some fighting and some horse riding action.

It was one of those days.

Then there was more fighting and then a battle. Then the evil was vanquished once and for all, until it became convenient for it to not be vanquished.

It had been an arduous journey and, eventually through time it fell into myth and fiction.

The lineage would fade away, obscured by legend, but it would always be told and passed down. However, what would not be told was the suffering and the journey and the “epic” nature of the journey, as well as the mongoose of destiny sitting on the tree, waiting for the destiny to be fulfilled in whichever way that it needed to be.

It was one of those journeys.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:32:94

I went into this not knowing what I was going to write and I came up with something that I didn’t know I would write.

It has a nice flow to it and I like that it’s generic and ambiguous, but I think it could have been better.

Written at work.

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