Five-Hundred Word Challenge 245: The First Day of July

It’s a cold day. It’s a first day. It’s a tax day.
We are officially within the grip of winter. It is the first day of July. It is the first day in which an income tax assessment can be submitted.

I am sitting on a chair on the first day of July which is also the first day of the ability to do the income tax assessment magic thing money-blaster that makes adults weep and rage with the fury of at least fourteen suns punching on with a bunch of kangaroos before they all go down to the pub for a nice cold one or two before the inevitable argument over who buys the first round which would lead to another punch up.

Today is a day in where I am sitting in front of a computer at work because I am at work working whilst work works itself out around me and all I want to do is begin eating the walls in some vague attempt at beautiful, ambient drama with a slice of lemon fish that has only been harvested during the pure glow of the full moon on the stillest of oceans, abandoned by the winds of change that would guide the trade routes to their destination on a salty morning of fresh, grating breeze and whales moving en masse.

The waters were once as prosperous as any other body of ocean, but once the winds left the ability for people to gather resources and use them to travel easily diminished to nothing, although sometimes people in small boats are able to catch fish unlucky enough to be showing off when there is obviously a boat sitting on the surface, for which then they’d use the fish to feed their people and the creatures that inhabit their small village as it is a better alternative to something that is not good as an alternative to this option.

Sometimes the village would sacrifice people to the dragon that lives nearby, except that there was no dragon as instead of a dragon it was a bunch of people in a dragon costume. Once the people were sacrificed, the truth would be revealed to them and they’d go to the other end of the cave which was actually a tunnel and live a life of peace among the plants and animals and they would all be merry with each other and have a good time and drink happily and thus would dance merrily in some sort of amazing unison between human and non-human and there was much happiness and merriment and wild abandon.

That was until the day when that all stopped for a day, but then it resumed once more because it is impossible to stop the joy. It always comes back no matter how hard some people try.

That’s the great thing about joy: It grows up from the ground and usually veers to the left on a steep incline.

Sop it’s a slow day at work.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:37:34

I think I went off on a bit of a ramble with this.

Oh well.

Written at work.


About stupidityhole

I'm some guy that does stuff. The standards. Creating amazing effigies, scaling mountains using my feet only and replacing the very fabric of reality. Serious time! I enjoy writing. I make music in some of my spare time. Currently working somewhat full time and studying as well. Also working on self-improvement. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out.
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4 Responses to Five-Hundred Word Challenge 245: The First Day of July

  1. rezinate says:

    Kind of a reminder that seasons aren’t uniformly distributed – summer here, winter there, just the way things roll.
    A few years down the road due to climate change the reverse may be true as politicians in this country and global corporations take up residence in a zealously constructed “stupidity hole” of their own design.
    Continue with your photographic efforts, what you see now isn’t what you will see down the road – big changes are coming.


    • Hey,

      Whilst I’m fine with people getting what they want to see out of a bit of writing or a photo, I need to stress that this post has nothing to with environmental change beyond a surface level as I was just writing and making this up as I went along.

      Also, I’m not sure as to what you’re saying here.

      Are you putting the blame for global warming on a few rather than everyone?


      • timeandback says:

        I think he or she is referring to the fact that some politicians, at least here in the US do reject the idea of global warming and do not believe in it. So as a result, there’s a lack of proper care and he/she is saying it is going to affect us much later in time, namely our descendants. So I’m guessing that your post reminded them of the variation of weather and climate around the globe, which led to them thinking of how soon, it will or may not be like this anymore.


  2. Global warming is rejected by politicians in plenty of places. If we keep spending our time waiting for politicians to do something, then nothing will get done.

    In any event, I seriously do not think that this post (let alone most of the stuff I post here) is the right forum for this conversation.


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