Five-Hundred Word Challenge 234: We Train for Success

Tomorrow is the big day.

It is the day where my destiny as the world’s most descriptor will finally be realised.

Exam day.

Well, exam day part one of two of season three of many more to come.

My group and I are currently in the training time at the training ground chosen, the Library of the place known as the University of New South Wales.

In a room we are currently locked and there is no escape until we need to stretch out  legs.

We are training our minds and our minds are being trained by our training which is designed to train our minds.

However, if we only train our minds, then the rest of our physical being is sure to lag behind, so we must train our bodies to be as physically prepared as possible.

Pen and pencil exercises are being done in order to make sure that our fingers can withstand the intense holding and writing, as well as making sure that our pressing of the buttons on the small computers that we refer to as “calculators” are as accurate as possible.

There is no room for error and we need to make sure that we go in as prepared as possible.

The training keeps us sharp and prepared. We are weeding out all the fears now in order to make sure that we get in and get out as gracefully and smoothly as possible.

No errors. Everything answered. A smooth run one-hundred-and-one.

It is almost as though fate would have us reach this point in our lives.

We do not know if we are the best team, but we will be the best as individuals due to our training as a team.

Training to know everything as much as possible and have the most finesse in writing with the pen which provides the ink to create the text that will appear on paper as we run it over the sheets that we need to provide answers on in some form of magical mechanism within the pen that is impossible to understand due to how mysterious and secretive that a pen can be at the best of times.

That is the nature of pens. That is not the nature of study, however.

It is a sweaty boot camp of working harder and harder, nailing everything as much as possible whilst also making sure that all forms of nervousness that could possibly interfere with our perfect ten performance are out of our systems, therefore making sure that we glide our way to success, or at the very least passing by the skin of our teeth.

Such is the nature of the training.

We are nearly there, but there is still plenty to go before we can truly say that we are as prepared as we can possibly be, but thankfully we are in a group where the fear is not as bad as it could be if we were studying alone.

We continue to train for success.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:15:96

So I was planning on writing for tomorrow, but this is instead what came out of me.

So, here you go.

Written at UNSW


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