Five-Hundred Word Challenge 233: Tree in the City

Somewhere off in the distance, on the edges of the city in the factory district, behind the thick curtain of smog and cement sits a tree.

At the base of this tree, the air is as pure as the air out in the wilderness far from the city, far from civilisation and far from any form of humanity.

There is no explanation as to why the air is so pure in this spot. The tree is nothing magical or unusual. It would fit in anywhere where other trees would sit.

The air directly above it is some of the most polluted in the city.

It is the air beneath the branches, as well as within the range that the tree covers that is as pure as the freshest of oxygen out beyond the reaches of the concrete jungle that seems so intent on swallowing everything in order to make sure that it conforms to its design rather than spread out band live in harmony with that which it is surrounded by.

People have attempted to remove the tree multiple times, but it seemingly is unmovable.

Never through its own actions mind you. There is usually something or someone that causes it to stop, almost as though there are people with a vested interest in making sure that the tree remains where it sits, regardless of people complaining about it being an eyesore in an area full of factories and warehouses.

The tree is a rather large one. Being large, it prevents a fair bit of the land around it from being developed, for its roots run deep and long and are as thick as cars in places. The tree is old. It has been around for far longer than the city, or people in that area.

Despite being in one of the most polluted locations in the city, it seems far healthier than what could be seen as feasibly possible.

Sometimes people go there to relax under there, as it gives them a chance to escape from that which surrounds them and forget, at least for a little while, that they are in a city that is ever-increasingly thickening with the smell of exhaust.

The tree, not only serving as an eyesore for its vibrant colour, a blockage for more factories and warehouses to be built, and a place where the oxygen is clean, also serves to protect the remaining bit of nature in the area, for underneath its lofty branches, smaller plants grow and some species of insects move about  without the threat of danger coming to them.

It stood tall and mighty, yet unassuming and, despite its mysterious nature, was treated by those who appreciated these small anomalous pockets with great respect.

It was seen as an eyesore among a concreted landscape by some.

It would stand tall and mighty, outlasting the city itself.

However, as is the way of things that are yet to pass, the future was not set in stone but in bulldozers and axes.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:39:29

I set out to write a story and I didn’t have anything in mind which is not out of the ordinary.

I’m not too sure as to where this came from, but I’m going to guess that it has to do with my concerns about the possibility of some of the Royal National Park being removed for a motorway.

Written at work.

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