Baywatch Review

Last night Ewe and I went to see Baywatch.
We weren’t expecting a great film and went in a bit smashed but I still remember the film quite well.

It was a somewhat interesting experience that is best described by the message my smashed self sent to my partner after getting home:

So it all started off as a cheesy film that started becoming more and more surreal. There was a point where The Rock started punching people and the camera was behind him, but it was really quick. Then he got shot. Then he comes out of the water and declares himself the Ocean God and shoots the villain in the face with a fire work. It had two endings that were great and then one that wad okay.

Plenty of the humour was pretty flat, mostly aiming for the lowest common denominator.
Some of it is okay, but only some.

Effects were cheap, acting was passable, etc. etc.

The film not taking itself seriously worked well enough and prevented a complete disaster.

It really should have ended either at the point when Dwayne Johnson gets fired, or when Zac Efron is drowning. It would have made or a great surprise and been far more daring than what we usually get when we watch a movie.

By the way, there’s spoilers in this review.
If you’re planning on seeing Baywatch, then don’t keep reading as there’s spoilers.

I like the part where Dwayne Johnson punched the ocean to get into it in order to rescue someone.

I also liked the part where Zac Efron launched out of a cold chamber.

Also, a flock of manta rays does not go around stinging people. The character who studied marine biology should have known that and corrected Dwayne Johnson.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend seeing this film as there’s a chance that it might not be the same as what I saw.

I will say that it was a film that could have been better.


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