Photo of Mr. Demir Provided

In trying to work on the next two posts, I decided to post this which was “written” last year as it relates in a way. It’s now lead to me aiming to finish a bunch of drafts that I’ve had going for a while.

So this was the result of running this post through a translating software using different languages for a while.

I decided not to post it at the time as I thought it was a bit silly.

It still is a bit silly.

I like seeing bad translations as, whilst I do find them humorous, I also think that they are poetic and occasionally profound.

Everything below (including the bit written at the end) remains unedited, from what I can remember.

I hope you  enjoy.


The day before yesterday, was directed.
I like the room, was too lazy to install the Thai bike, and when I try to drum circle was powerful, I looked up in the air.
In addition, this year inch
However, it was too late, (sometimes stop for 45 minutes), we hope that more than 29 minutes.
Why is this?
do not worry…….
For me, I feel very fast.
I I think that it is I think very interesting.
Finally, I I say it is decided to go in the rain, and.
However, she has a lot of time in very happy dry.
Water vapor high in the next few years will encourage companies to focus on things.
In the picture, fog, sky and flowers of a small bouquet in all fields.
Iron the Bay Area alone by bicycle, I was feeling very tired.
Thank you for a good amount of sleep life, but I do not feel tired.
I sit, it is uncomfortable to sleep.
Finally, very quickly, to end Mr. iron and rain.
Nationwide “several states Fair, including corruption, a few hours later, hatred, lack of medicines, but it, after all, the story is,
Storm water detention of food and food will have begun to get angry or?
“I have a very good shot, and I can go home, and” look …
The program was stopped after the children of the program.
At the same time, Australia is the first who signed the mountain kassooares bananas.
Maybe you can do it.
I got it. However, tomorrow morning.


So, if anyone is wondering as to what this is, I decided to run the last post through Google Translate multiple times and got this.

It is as wonderfully horrible as it is poetically graceful.

Have fun with this one.

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