A Weak Post on the Far Cry 5 “Controversy”

So here I am sitting down after a whole day of illness and not doing much other than sharing photos, realising that my photo to writing balance is seriously out right now (or is it?) and I need to do some more writing, which is what today will be filled with.

Now that that’s out of the way, there’s something that I want to talk about at the time of this writing.

Recently Far Cry 5 was announced and a bunch of people got a little bit upset about the content of the game, showing that people have double standards when it comes to portrayal of something.

The game seems to have themes of religious extremism with whites being the main antagonists. Seems to. It might be cultists. This is just the premise that everyone is aware of at the moment. It could change significantly.

It’s enough to get a bunch of white Americans into an uproar about the situation, because it’s okay to have anyone who isn’t a white American as a villain, especially if they’re Muslim.

I’m not sure of the numbers of how many people are angry about this. I imagine that it’s actually not many. I think that it is still worth discussing because it shows that there’s still people who need to pull their head out of their ass and realise that an antagonist of a game being a religious American is nothing to get upset about and is not social justice going to far.

Starting a petition to have the people changed from being white religious Americans to Muslims is petty and idiotic. It shouldn’t matter who or what the villains are. What should matter is that the game is well-made and if it is designed to make one think then it shouldn’t be a problem so long as that element is handled well.

I think that people can’t handle a bit of criticism, whether it exists or not. I also think that maybe people want to find offence in something, whether it exists or not.

I think that these kinds of people need to shut up and get on with their lives because all they’re doing is revealing how much on the side of a losing battle they are.

A white American  fundamentalist as a villain is not a bad thing. If you find that offensive, perhaps the problem exists with you and not the rest of the world. Perhaps the problem is that you need to grow up. Perhaps the problem is that you don’t want to be challenged, especially by something that is not challenging in the slightest. Perhaps the problem is that you need to stop being so close-minded.

There’s a lot of worse things in the world to worry about and, despite the current political climate, the nationality and religious beliefs of a villain in a video game is significantly less important than learning more about who else exists in the world and trying to get along with those you may not agree with for whatever reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with criticism. There’s also nothing wrong with healthy discussion and debate.

There’s plenty of problems with getting angry because you feel offended by the villain of a game being a white religious American.


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