Shark Jumps onto Boat, Fisherman Handles it Well

Somewhere on some body of water that was part of the ocean, there was a 73-year-old man fishing. Whilst he was fishing, a shark jumped onto the boat, which is somewhat surprising.

It thrashed about a bit and the man ended up injured, although the injury was reported as not being anything major. He managed to get rescue and has survived. Not too sure if the shark did, as it was abandoned with the boat at that time. When people returned to the boat in order to retrieve it, unsurprisingly the shark was still there.

No word on if the shark survived (as far as I’m aware).

The man intends to return to fishing and, whilst surprised, called it “just a mundane thing that just happened”.

Now this article should not be news at all. It is unusual, but it’s not really newsworthy. What is newsworthy is how the person responded.

They expressed surprise and then said something that can be summed up as “it happens”.
It’s sad that this part is what is newsworthy because this is the attitude that should always be held when people have encounters with sharks.

Too many people seem to express surprise when they encounter a shark about the fact that there was a shark in the ocean, almost revealing a ridiculous amount of ignorance.

This person, in a few words has shown that they understand that, whilst this encounter was unusual, it’s not something to get into a massive fuss over as they understood that they were on the ocean and when you’re on the ocean, encountering a creature, especially a predator is something that can happen. They’ve shown that they understand that it’s not their domain, so if something happens they’re not going to be terrified for no reason.

Too often it is that people go into the water and then express complete and utter fear of something that actually lives there. They express far too much lack of understanding that when you go into the ocean, there is a risk of something going awry.

Sadly this ends up leading to things such as shark culling, because people don’t understand that life of the ocean is important to the life of the ocean and that killing off creatures because a bunch of people can’t pull their heads out of their ass and think about the consequences of their actions, as well as all those that they’re enabling and see them as being a bad thing.

Sorry. I’ve gone off on a slight tangent.

The fact is that this person expressed an admirable attitude to what they experienced. It is one that most people should think about adopting when an encounter with a shark (or other dangerous creature) occurs and they survive.

You step into the ocean and you put yourself at risk, regardless of how safe you feel. This is a fact of life. If something happens, learn, don’t spread fear and get on with your life.

There are far worse things that happen every single day, but you don’t see people trying to  cull those who drive cars.

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