Five-Hundred Word Challenge 211: Light Rail Construction

As I’m not satisfied with just ranting about the mythical 370 bus route, I’ve decided to now have a go at the development of the light rail tracks to allow the light rail to go from Circular Quay to somewhere near Randwick where there’s a ton of buses, although, with that being said, additional public transport is never a bad thing so long as it’s not more expensive and slower than the current available methods; two things the light rail is when when it’s directly competing with buses, but that’s not really what this post is going to be about as, to be honest, I’m merely speculating when I say that although my speculations are based on prior experience with the light rail, but I do have to admit that is is speculation regardless of prior experience and the governing bodies for development of the light rail could turn around and impress me, although I do highly doubt that that will happen in this case because those governing bodies seem to prefer to remain consistent in their disdain for the people in Sydney and greater New South Wales.

Today I’m going to rant about the construction of the light rail. Well, more the workers on the construction of the light rail who seem to not understand that doing their job is the requirement of their job and standing around doing nothing might be a good way to get paid as it seems that they can get away with it quite well, but doesn’t get the job done and does nothing but build disrespect for them in people that seem to not care anymore because lazy bastards working on projects that are considered important has become so commonplace at this point that people have given up on being angry about it and would rather pretend that it’s not a problem.

To be fair, they should not have to pretend that it is not a problem as it should not be a problem in the first place.

I imagine that many of the people working on the light rail line are probably working quite hard where they can. I also imagine that there’s plenty of times when there’s not much work to be done and yet people are required to be there “just in case”. However, quite often when walking past any given part of the construction sites, you will see a bunch of the workers standing around doing nothing, not monitoring traffic when they’re meant to be, or talking to each other whilst work around them does not appear to be progressing.

It leaves me wondering if the government will be able to keep to its stated year of completion and operational commencement for the extensions (2019), because at the rate of construction, it seems likely that that is a dream.

Still, there is most likely no problem to worry about at all. Perhaps the construction workers are unlucky to be seen that way.

Somehow I doubt that that would be the case.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:56:66


Just like the construction of the extended light rail route!

I probably shouldn’t complain about it, but all I want to see is a bit of efficiency for a change. The light rail track could be finished so much sooner whilst also ensuring that it operates safely and smoothly, but efficiency doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Still, I could be wrong.

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