Five-Hundred Word Challenge 210: The 370

The 370 is a mythical bus that is spoken of in legend. It is known to follow what may be seen as a lengthy and sometimes complex route and only dreamed of making an appearance.

Ewe saw a 370 once. It was some time between 10:30 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. as he was walking home.
The 370 is meant to finish at around 8:00 P.M.

It was a moment befitting of its reputation as a consistently late bus that is so unreliable you can quite often walk a fair distance and catch another bus that will get you to your destination sooner and get there in the time it would take to wait for one at the bus stop that you go to in order to catch it, assuming that it hasn’t been cancelled for some reason, as there are times that  the 370 adamantly refuses to make an appearance.

It has been known to completely disappear.

Normally I would not write about this bus route because there’s not much that can really be said at this point and I don’t know if there is anything that I can add to the conversation.

However, being in a position where you have to wait thirty minutes before it bothers to shows up has a way of making you disgruntled.

I’ve seen it written that it goes on a route that runs through a lot of traffic lights and traffic. I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse as there’s plenty of bus routes that have the same issue and still manage to run on time far more frequently.

I also don’t think it’s an excuse when it’s the first 370 of the morning and it still runs late by more than ten minutes, which is something that has happened to me (among others) more than once.

I think it’s incredibly poor service and if the route is indeed the issue, then the route needs to be changed.

I’ve read that State Transit (or Sydney Buses, or whatever they’re called at the moment) are working to improve the bus times, but it would seem that the 370 bus times aren’t improving. Perhaps the times for other routes are improving and the governing body hopes that it will somehow average out so that they can try and ignore the 370.

I think that people should keep on complaining about the service. As said before, it might be that the route needs to change. It doesn’t need to be drastic if it is indeed a problem with the lights and traffic that it supposedly has to deal with (especially the ridiculously heavy traffic  at 6:15 A.M. in the morning that brings everything to a standstill that supposedly exists), because, whilst it might be one route that some people have to deal with, it is still a route that needs to be improved in some manner if this is a continuing, ongoing issue.

It needs to be addressed as token gestures indicating some sort of investigation do not really count as resolving a fairly large hole.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:45:88

Slower than I thought this would take, but to be fair, something.

On a side note to this, there are two buses that stop very close to where I live. They too have issues with running on time in the middle of the day when there’s little traffic and they too sometimes disappear, leaving people to wait with no idea of what is happening.

Complaining about a bus in the inner west might seem a bit like an inconsiderate thing considering that other areas with less options need a greater amount of improvement. However, I have problems with understanding how whoever manages the public transport in Sydney can improve the transport system in any area if they can’t manage to resolve or at least improve on the issues of a continuously late bus route.

Written at work.


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