On Same-Sex Marriage

Recently some wonderful human being thought it would be a good idea to shove a pie in Alan Joyce’s face because Alan Joyce is using QANTAS to support the right for same-sex marriage.

It may be that he’s supporting it himself and happens to be in a position that some would consider powerful. I don’t know.

In any event, Alan Joyce copped a pie to the face and the person who did it gained a little bit of notoriety and the march of progress continues as it always has, leaving those with ideas of what marriage is and isn’t behind because to them only the institution of heterosexuality is one that matters.

Every time I see someone try to do something because they think the idea of same-sex marriage is wrong because it harms them, I get pissed off because all that these attitudes do is show that someone is an asshole that needs to hide behind ignorance or belief to justify their backward, asinine view.

What people do in their personal lives is none of your business unless they invite you to the conversation or you’re willing to learn about it and discover that people who do not have the same sexual orientation as you are not bad people in the slightest.

Admittedly, some of them are not good people but that’s beside the point. At the end of the day, they are no more or less a person than anyone else and to suggest that they should not be allowed to get married because of whatever reasons you think are appropriate is to suggest that they are not worthy of being considered equal.

Same-sex marriage only has an affect on those who want to get married to their partner of the same sex. Well, it should only affect them. It would seem that the majority of people who are affected by this are a bunch of people who are against it for some reason.

It doesn’t affect your ability to function. It doesn’t affect the sanctity of marriage that want to use as a weak excuse when it comes to your homophobic tendencies. It doesn’t hurt you.
Stop being so ignorant and learn.

There’s nothing wrong with people who are into the same sex. They are just as human as anyone else. I think it’s fair to say that there’s less wrong with them than most heterosexuals.

Now, whilst I don’t think the pie in Alan Joyce’s face was the right way to go about things, or agree with their views on the subject matter, I am not against the right of the person to say what they think.

The person should have every right to express their views in a more mature manner than this stupid act.

I think that people don’t understand that if you want freedom of speech, you have to give it to everyone and not just those that agree with your views. You have to be willing to allow people to speak who may cause great offense.

On the other hand, those that have ignorant views have to realise that there is a chance that they will have their views shot down and need to be open to learning.

The idea of the freedom of speech is one that seems to come with caveats for those that want to have regressive views silenced, which in a way is fair. Freedom from abusive crap is something that everyone should strive toward. However, that is not freedom of speech.

People need to start treating each other better. Stuff like this can be extended beyond the idea of same-sex marriage and people interested in the same sex.

Stuff like this usually leads to me asking the following:

If we can’t treat each other with some basic form of respect due to things that shouldn’t matter such as orientation and colour among other things that aren’t in our control, what hope do we have for treating the environment with any form of respect?


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2 Responses to On Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    It is also the bullshit that the government spews using their religious beliefs that should have no place in this argument. If 75% of the population think it is a good idea, then it should be made so. Our constitution allows so, so it is only a minority of people who oppose it, I thought democracy was all about majorities and what most of the people want, I don’t recall it saying anyway that if it goes against the religious beliefs of our politicians it shouldn’t be allowed.

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