Razorback Review

Razorback is a film about a boar that explodes houses.

There’s more to it than that, but it is mostly what the film is about.

The strongest element of the film is the cinematography due to how it is used.
Scenes look beautiful, grimy and intense whenever required without going into excess.
Colours and lighting set the scenes quite well and the framing helps give a strong impression of either the landscape, atmosphere, or both at any given moment.
It also helps provide a rather powerful and effective opening.

The boar of the film looks quite good as a model of a boar, but not so good as a boar. It has quite a fair bit of detail to it and looks quite menacing, but it doesn’t move as well as it could, being far more stiff at times than it should which might be why it ‘s not used too often and when it is, it’s not for long, with most shots it is featured in being a few seconds at most. Taking into consideration when Razorback was made, it’s somewhat understandable and it’s hard to see how there would have been better options for the boar.

The acting of the film is uneven. The characters are somewhat believable, although at times they do fall flat. Some of their lines feel wooden and it can be difficult to work out why some of the characters take some of their actions. With that being said, some of the actors do a much better job than others and overall no-one is necessarily unmemorable.

The way the film has been edited is weak. Sometimes a scene changes too fast and sometimes it doesn’t change fast enough. Some scenes that seem to be filler could have been removed for something with a bit more substance. There’s a part of the film that feels like it’s meant to be comedic that doesn’t quite work due to it feeling quite out of place with the rest of the film. It’s decent in its own way, but in the context of the film it’s more absurd than it needs to be.

Iva Davies’ soundtrack for the film underscores a number of scenes quite well. The music knows when to rise and fall and never jumps out farther than it should.

Overall, Razorback isn’t the worst film. It’s quite good in some parts and weaker in others. It is worth seeing for the cinematography alone, which I could have written quite a lot about but am not going to (at least for the time being) due to how easily it would be to ruin the experience of seeing it for the first time.

It could have been better overall, but it is a decent film.


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