Complaining About People at Work Complaining

This morning is going to be another complaint about people at work because I can.

When I started working this  morning I was unfortunate enough to overhear people complaining about them not having the ability to circumvent their doing their job.

Now, before I go on I should state that in regards to this issue, I kind of agree with the people complaining about  it due to it being something that does usually ensure that something can be resolved sooner rather than later, therefore leaving customers to be much more satisfied rather than have them wait for an answer that will probably amount to “we’re still getting more information”, as what the complaint that the people I’m complaining about is related to is getting information directly from the source.

I also have to agree with the side that is being complained about. Both sides are correct. However, I think that the side being complained about is more correct.

For certain investigations in my office we need to send a request off regardless of how large the issue happens to be and in following up we’re meant to go through a manager instead of the person investigating the issue.

I do think that, whilst this has really good intentions, it causes the investigation to be slowed down as there’s many things that we could just go to speak to the person about that would be resolved quite quickly.

On the other hand, there’s few people that can do the job of investigating these issues and not enough ability to allow more people to do it, so in that regard the less the  person is being asked questions about stuff, the more they can focus on doing their job.

So, here’s where the complaining about the complainers comes in.

The people who were complaining were complaining quite loudly this morning about being approached by the person who was processing their investigations during the week due to them asking the person questions directly. The person had come up to them and told them that they were too busy to go through it and to stop messaging them.

I agree that the person did not need to approach the complainers and could have sent a message. However, I also understand that when frustrated, sometimes the desire to approach someone is better because at least it’s a lot easier to not come off as a condescending asshole. Besides which, speaking to someone in person always seems to feel more honest and respectable.

Whilst these two people were complaining this morning, they referred to the action as power tripping, not quite understanding what power tripping actually is. The way they spoke and used words was in a manner that suggested that it was beneath them and as though they were affected in a bad way. It reeked of attitude and the best way that I can sum it up is as describing them as sounding like petulant children.

There’s probably not much purpose in complaining about this as it’s not likely to do anything other than let me blow off some steam.

Still, I always feel it necessary to highlight crappy attitude.

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2 Responses to Complaining About People at Work Complaining

  1. AdashofJhaee says:

    It’s good that you can vent it out here. Sometimes it’s just need to come out.

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