Five-Hundred Word Challenge 203: I Thought it was Winter

So I was going to write about how it’s weird that even though we’re now in winter, that the weather hasn’t been as cold as it should have been over the past few days. Then I realised that currently on the continent that is known as Australia it is not winter that is grasping at the landscape that exposes itself as a massive expanse around us, but it is instead Autumn.

This is something that I should have known by now, considering that I’ve lived in Australia since I was born, but for some reason I thought that we were in Winter.

Perhaps it has to do with the sudden changes in the weather.
Recently it had been quite cold. It was the kind of weather to put on a jacket and gloves, as well as pants.

Now it’s a little warmer than it had been. It’s warm enough to not worry as much about how many blankets are on the bed as not as many are needed.

Perhaps it’s short memory, but this is something that I find concerning.

We should be going through a gradual shift into colder weather at the moment and instead we have warm weather once more. It’s almost as though we’ve a few days in Spring as Spring approaches Summer. It’s not boiling hot, thankfully, but it is warm enough to get around in shorts quite comfortably.

Perhaps it is a sign of changing times. Perhaps it is a sign that we’re doing far too much damage to the environment and really need to slow down or come to a complete stop. Perhaps it is a sign that I’m not remembering things as being how they normally are. I’d like to believe that the case is closer to the first thing listed there, but I cannot be entirely sure for I do not have enough information to cast doubt from my mind.

Essentially I’m concerned about the sudden weather change as much as I am concerned about the fact that I forgot that we’re supposed to be in Autumn instead of Winter at the moment, but it really has gone from being unusually cold to unusually warm in a rather quick succession.

Such is the way of the weather when it comes to matters that I don’t understand and probably never will completely understand in any form that is beyond a blunt, simplistic way, for I lack the knowledge or the ability to understand (as of this time of writing) to truly discern what things such as sudden temperature and weather shifts actually mean.

Although, with that being said if I took some subjects that focused more on climatology, I imagine that I would get a fairly solid base in which I could build knowledge of these matters upon.

I was going to say something that started with “however”, but then I realised that it might just be a good idea to do some study in that area.

It could go a long way.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:33:41

Another decent speed on something that says very little, or at least far less than it should.

Written at home.

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