Five-Hundred Word Challenge 185: Rain Story

Twisted and turning, the worm burrowed its way deep into the moist earth that is so was instinctively required to do. However, eventually due to how much moisture was being collected due to the heavy rain above the worm instinctively worked its way up to the surface, perhaps to escape drowning, where it turned into an easy meal for a bird that happened to be nearby.

Once the bird had the worm, it flew off to reach shelter before the rain became too heavy for it to go anywhere. There were plenty of trees, yet shelter was scarce and the trees at which it would usually roost already seemed to be occupied. Still, it continued on until it found an awning under which it could rest.

The rain was much heavier than usual on that particular day. There had been many days of rain which meant many plants didn’t need to be watered by hand, but it was getting to a point where it was becoming oppressive. Many people had hoped that, despite the increase in how much rain was falling, that this would be the end of it and they would be allowed at the least a few days of respite from the continual downpour.

Raincoats and driving could only get them so far as, despite the freedom that driving and wearing a raincoat could allow during the rain, it could only allow so much as actions outside of these were still limited and a raincoat could only offer limited protection when the rain became heavier. As the rain turned into a torrential storm, driving around became much riskier and significantly more limited. Indeed, it would seem that the only option for most people was to wait as the streets around them became pregnant with the water flowing through.

Buses stalled trying to go through the water as it rose higher in certain spots. For a while it had seemed that it would not stop. However, as is the nature of the weather, eventually the rain did stop.

After a few hours, the roads cleared and they were able to be driven on once more. Some property was flooded, but there was nothing that could be classified as damage that could not be easily fixed and no one suffered from any injury, other than to their patience.

It looked as though everything would be okay, and for the time being it was, despite the heavy clouds that were hanging above. Of course more rain would eventually fall, as it is the way of the weather, but despite that, everything was fine. People were relaxing and the streets seemed a little less chaotic than usual, despite suddenly becoming flooded with traffic just like it was almost all of the time.

It became a most glorious day that people enjoyed thoroughly. In the end, everyone was okay and the only thing that seemed to have suffered anything that could be seen as saddening was a worm that came up for air.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:35:43

I tried to go in and see what happened (as I usually do) and came up with this.

Nothing else to say about what I’ve written.

Written at work.

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