On Making Complaints

The Annandale Hotel was closed down a few years ago and subsequently reopened after a brief period of time, remodeled and gentrified. It still has live music but it’s a pale imitation of its former self, serving overpriced and underwhelming food, keeping the live act portion of the venue at what looks to be a minimum and seemingly focusing more on appearance and coolness rather than actual substance.

I can remember a time where I thought of The Annandale Hotel as a great venue. There were problems. However, I saw many good gigs there and I can’t think of a time where I didn’t enjoy being there.

Of course, residents near The Annandale Hotel decided to make noise complaints about the established venue, because fuck everyone who might actually like the place and enjoy being there and fuck a bunch of young people who might be going through their musical formative years, discovering a lot of new music whilst having a good time; they’ve got to do what is right.

The venue might have been established well before they moved there, but despite not doing the research before moving in and then accepting the fact that they made an error of judgement, the best thing to do is complain until they get what they want. After all, that’s clearly the best thing to do because it’s far better to have things going your way instead of maybe becoming part of the established area and community that seemed to be fine with the venue.

I don’t understand why people think that this is a good way to behave. It’s not so much about The Annandale Hotel as it is about the complete and utter selfishness and arrogance of people.

Many people will move to a new suburb and instead of actually bothering to accept that there are established venues, events of culture, will start working toward changing things around to suit them better.

Part of this has to do with gentrification, which is not necessarily a bad thing when it’s not in the hands of selfish idiots.
Gentrification can be a strong tool for progress, but it is seldom one with any form of balance.

The Annandale Hotel ended up being gentrified as, despite being a successful venue that gave people in Sydney (which has been starved for live venues for far too many years) another place to see bands, a bunch of reprobate residents made noise complaints. It was put in a position where it had to change. Supposedly Leichhardt Council wanted to keep it open when it had to close but they never seemed to be there when the owners were fighting to stay open. It reopened and became a sub par generic venue with no real substance.

I live near a pub. I didn’t know there was a pub when Je and I moved. There are nights where it gets loud and it can be a bit annoying, but I’m not going to complain as it’s a part of the community. No one is being an asshole and doing stupid things. It doesn’t deserve to be changed just because sometimes it annoys me, just like any other venue doesn’t deserve to be changed just because you’re sometimes inconvenienced and annoyed by people enjoying themselves.

Recently one of my friends told me about how in the nineties a couple that moved to Lucas Heights and discovered that there was a nuclear reactor near the property into which they had moved. Taking umbrage to this reactor that had been established many years prior and was quite possibly the only thing that most people know about Lucas Heights, they decided that the best course of action was to make a complaint.


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