Five-Hundred Word Challenge 180: To a Beach in the Bush

It had been a long time since they had been bush walking. It had been a longer time since they had gone for a swim at a beach that wasn’t somewhere in the City.

They could remember how the waves were, but not how they felt.

As always, they started early as they wanted to make sure they could get as much times as they could down at the beach that, whilst not in the middle of nowhere, was still fairly isolated when compared to anything they could reach simply by catching a bus and waiting on it for less than an hour.

Once the train got them to the train station they needed to being their trek from, they hopped off and began to make their way up a steep incline, slowly moving upward until they reached a road they needed to cross, then crossing it to stop for a few minutes before beginning the proper walk.

As always, the view was epic. A vast expanse of ocean in front of them with some of Wollongong visible to the south. Clouds were there, yet did not spoil was was visible.

Rest didn’t last long, for there was still much walking to be done before swimming could be had.

They began their walk and made their way through familiar bush land at a steady pace.
The path ahead did not wind much and whilst there were some parts that were steep it was as easy as it had ever been.

Eventually they had to turn off and go down a narrower, although just as easy path. Along the way more of the ocean could be seen as well as the vegetation on the hills around them.

The path made its way into more dense vegetation until they were in a dark area. Following it, they made their way further down the side of the hill with little specks of light mixing with the shadow. It wasn’t too dark to see and pleasant enough, but it was something they were trying to get through quickly as there were areas that they were looking forward to seeing.

After a long period among the dense vegetation, they had some brief sunlight before going back into shade. However, it wasn’t long before the vegetation gave way to more grass-like plants and the area completely opened up around them.

Taking in the sight as much as they could whilst keeping a tight pace, they could feel the sun on them. It was quite welcome at this point.

Eventually they reached where they wanted to be. The sand and the waves were as familiar as they were missed.

Getting ready as quickly as they could, they ran to the water and dived into the oncoming waves. It was rough and powerful, but unlike the beaches of the city, it was less erratic and significantly cleaner.

It was something that they had missed and something that they were glad to be experiencing once more.

It was wonderful.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:58:11

A good time, I think.

I’m not sure as to what I was going for with this one, but I think that it turned out better than most of the things that I write simply because it’s much more cohesive than anything I write.

Ideally I would spend the time writing about why this beach is my favourite by talking about the feel, atmosphere and smell, but it would probably not actually do the beach any justice as I strongly feel that it’s one that needs to be experienced.

Written at work.


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