Another University Rant

Well, it didn’t take long before I’d start fighting with someone at university.

A little less than two whole days. Rather impressive, I think.

Three of my courses this semester have mandatory lecture attendance, which clashes with my need to earn an income.

Of these courses, two have advised me of what to do in this regard.

Well, to be fair, one of them. The other one  still requires mandatory attendance but not necessarily physical attendance, so that’s okay.

The one that advised me of a workaround was really straightforward and for that I am happy.

The last course that has mandatory attendance is a little harder to budge.
The biggest issue that I have with this is that it’s a mandatory course for my major and the two lectures that it runs each week that I need to attend are both on days that screw with my ability to earn money and are also on days where nothing else is scheduled.

To add to this, the lectures for it are not recorded.

My biggest problem here is not so much that they are mandatory and not recorded.
It’s that the course coordinator isn’t exactly being respectable about the situation.

I sent an email to the course coordinator asking if the lectures were mandatory, explaining my situation and received a curt and overly blunt, yet professional response. From there, I replied by asking if there was a way to circumvent the mandatory requirement. I received another curt and overly blunt response advising that there wasn’t. I then asked if that would mean that I would fail attendance. I was told that I could take the course next year and once more the response was curt and overly blunt. I asked as to why the requirement was there and why there wasn’t a workaround and have not received a response since.

I’ve come to realise that the responses were dismissive in a way that the course coordinator seemed to imply that it was not worth their time and consideration. I admit that I could be entirely wrong with that assessment, but that’s how it’s come across.

I think that, as someone who is putting themselves into more debt to have the privilege of going through a course, I deserve a bit more than curt, overly blunt responses.

I could take the course next year. The issues are that there’s no guarantee that my need to work won’t clash with the lectures and the course in question could end up clashing with third year courses. If that ends up being the case, then I’m forced into a position where I have to spend another semester in two years’ time to do one subject before I can mover on from my bachelors.

I understand that the course coordinator is probably a busy person. I don’t think that’s justification for being dismissive. Yes, you might run the course and you might be employed by the university for other things, but your position as course coordinator involves assisting the students who are part of your course to the best of your ability. If the best of your ability is to be dismissive, then you might not be appropriate for running a course.

I could drop one of the other subjects that I’m doing, but the issue here is that they’re earning my respect. As stuck up as it seems, I have trouble doing something being run by someone that I don’t respect.

So I’m in a situation where I’m going to be taking it further. I don’t want to, but I wouldn’t be if I had received better responses and the coordinator had been a bit more helpful. It’s not so much about getting my way either. I’m happy to drop the course for now if I can get some sort of assurance that it’s unlikely that there will be any clashes next year and that, if there are, I will be fine, but that’s unlikely that I will receive something like that and I’m not holding my breath.

Also, I think that needing to pay $130 for a field trip for a course I’ve put myself over $1,000 in debt to be a part of and be dismissively told that I can do the course next year because lectures of the course are mandatory without being told why is quite poor.

I know that I’m having a whinge, but I can’t help but be bothered by the situation.
Other than how it directly affects me, I’m left wondering as to how many others have gone through the same situation.


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