Neurosis: Live at Manning Bar 17/02/2017 Review

Kicking off the proceedings was the sounds of Dispossessed.
Their sound was harsh and intense without becoming a noisy mess.
Aside from a mic not being loud enough for singing at one point, it was a strong set.
Regardless of if you agree with what they are working toward, they are a live act worth seeing.

Neurosis came on and began a set that was a little more full-on than the last time they were here. Like their albums, it had a good ebb and flow with the songs not feeling too far removed from each other, despite clearly being from different eras.

Of particular note was how well that the songs from Fires Within Fires fit into the set. On album, whilst still clearly songs from Neurosis, there is a shift from past albums. However, when performed live they fit in without feeling jarring.

Like Dispossessed, there was clarity in the sound which was a massive benefit for the audience as Neurosis’s music wouldn’t work live if it sounded muddy.

Whilst their songs are recorded live, the live performance does feel different. There aren’t much changes, but they feel much more like they’re drawing you in. Perhaps this has to do with live presence. It may also have to do with their songs having something akin to an aggressive energy without anger.

Every member performed well and built on each other nicely. If there were any errors, the audience didn’t notice as they were letting the music draw them into it without resistance.

Overall the performance of both bands were good.
Dispossessed still have a bit of a way to go, but their live set is solid.
Neurosis have been performing for a long time, but they still put in as much as they can.

It was a gig worth seeing and I can only hope that they perform together again. If not, I hope that Dispossessed get more gigs and Neurosis come to our shores at least once more.


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